Woman Posts TikTok Video Of Neighbor’s Fringe Dog Poop At Her Home

In a disturbing video posted on TikTok, a woman caught a fringed dog poop with her neighbor’s red hand and emptied her child’s toilet on the lawn.

One woman says she has the worst neighbor as the woman next door empties the children’s toilet in her front yard and throws her dog poop into her front door.

Smoke, women say that the disgust of their neighbors is a “daily event.”

Using her TikTok account, women share what their neighbors think is acceptable, and people call her “disgusting.”

In her first video, her mother captioned the post “Hell’s Neighbor” and asked the woman next door to pick up a dog poop from her yard and throw it over the hedge into her.

Posts viewed 122k times were flooded with comments that they needed to confront their neighbors.

“Put it right in front of the door and step on it when you get out of the house,” said one.

“Tell me what you did about it, suspense is killing me. I’m dying to know what you did,” another said.

Some viewers asked if it happened to work next door with her dog or cat, and she replied, “My dog ​​has never set foot in her front yard.”

In another post, the mother reveals that women throw more than just dog poop on the lawn.

“Daily events!” She said sharing a clip that her neighbor came to empty the toilet in the yard.

“My neighbor threw the children’s toilet into my yard,” she said.

Follow-up posts have been viewed more than 90,000 times, and viewers are wondering how she isn’t confronting her neighbors.

“Just face her, it’s your right. If it were my house, I would be at her door right away,” said one.

“Sorry, you’re so calm and can’t wait to record it,” another commented.

The majority of viewers are distrustful of what their neighbors are doing.

“Like Victorian England with a pottery,” commented one.

Another said, “Put it in the bathroom … what’s wrong with people?”

“But why, why,” commented one-third.

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Initially published as follows I filmed a neighbor throwing a dog poop and emptying a child’s toilet on the lawn.

Woman Posts TikTok Video Of Neighbor’s Fringe Dog Poop At Her Home

Source link Woman Posts TikTok Video Of Neighbor’s Fringe Dog Poop At Her Home

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