WISR: Australia’s Best Workplace for Diversity and Inclusion

Creditors other than banks listed on ASX, Wisr A destructive, purpose-driven approach to financial services sets new standards in the workplace. FinTech was recognized for the 2022 AFR BOSS Best Places to Work Awards, won the highest awards for diversity and inclusion, and moved from 6th place in 2021 to 2nd place in the banking, aging and financial services categories. I did.

Show incumbents how it was done, Wisr Filters work through progressive thinking and employee retention initiatives and has established itself as one of the best places to work in Australia.

  • Joint performance evaluation with leaders and employees
  • Bias filtering during the recruitment process
  • Make promotion decisions based on performance, not on positive management preferences
  • Provides lateral movement within the business and reduces decline
  • Set salaries according to job title and responsibilities, not individual employees

Anthony Nantes, CEO of Wisr, said: No. 1 in the Diversity and Inclusion ranking is our focus on improving the financial health of Australians, in addition to promoting the growth of individual employees, where a focus on learning is an important activity. Honor and proof of a purpose-driven business model. “

“We develop the best teams, initiatives and infrastructure, align our staff for this common purpose, and innovate Wisr’s high-performance culture. We work with staff seeking new roles. Provides skill up, cross-skills, and lateral movement within, maintains talent, and reduces turnover. “

Wisr shows how a business objective-driven approach contributes to success in both performance and culture, providing over $ 1 billion in loan composition and over 600,000 in just 4.5 years. We welcomed Australians to our financial wellness platform, increasing revenue by more than 675%. The last 3 years.

“That’s one simple thing. It’s about building a great culture that understands what customer care really means in financial services. To Australians fair and smart credit. Providing access to is just one way to gain significant market share in a 100-year-old player-dominated industry. Our ability to improve the financial health of all Australians. The purpose is to connect everyone in the company with our business vision. They understand our role in the communities in which we do business and ultimately the Australian community. I understand that we are working to build a company that will have a significant impact on our business. “

WISR: Australia’s Best Workplace for Diversity and Inclusion

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