Winterbottom impressed by’FUTURISTIC’GEN3 CAMARO

By Josh Nevett

Former supercar champion Mark Winterbottom gave his blessing to the Gen3 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 after grabbing the steering wheel for a demonstration at Mount Panorama.

After officially launched last Friday morning, both the Camaro and the new Ford Mustang Gen3 machines were on display for fans throughout the Bathurst 1000 event.

Several current drivers had the opportunity to test them in short on-track sessions, and Winterbottom got a chance on Friday afternoon.

Team 18 drivers were most impressed with their driving experience, despite the all-new Camaro design, which has 14 months of development left before it goes on sale in 2023.

“It was good,” Winterbottom told Auto Action.

“I think the first thing I saw was literally from inside the cockpit. It feels good and they feel like a really nice big platform car.

“The engine sounds good and fast, so I think it will be a lot of fun to drive.

“I think they understand it pretty well. There are obviously some things that will develop in the next 14 months, but the first impression is that it’s a good thing.”

The Camaro has entered a new era under the Chevrolet Racing flag, replacing Australia’s iconic Holden Commodore, which has competed in national competitions since 1980.

Despite the strong risk of repulsion from traditionalists over the design shift, Winterbottom believes the new look is perfect.

“I think it looks really good,” Winterbottom said.

“I was surprised at the toughness of the front desk. I think some people will see these cars on TV.

“They are probably the most futuristic looking race cars at the moment.

“Looks like a concept car unveiled at a motor show and everyone goes to see it. It has that awesome element about it.”

Winterbottom not only impressed itself, but also showed that the fans responded positively to the unveiling.

“Everyone had their camera when I drove across,” Winterbottom observed.

“It’s not as good as it is now, but I think it’s already making the current car look obsolete. That’s what you want for a new generation.

“I think it will happen.”

Gen3 will be more publicly available throughout 2022 and will be demoed in selected rounds of the Supercars Calendar.

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Winterbottom impressed by’FUTURISTIC’GEN3 CAMARO

Source link Winterbottom impressed by’FUTURISTIC’GEN3 CAMARO

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