Winners and losers at Le Mans

Dan McCarthy

ANZAC’s efforts in 2022 have produced very different results.

Brendon won his third victory at Toyota and Le Mans, and Ryan Briscoe was on the podium at the Grickenhaus, but lower-level participants were not so lucky at the French sports car classic.

Shane van Gisbergen was the final finisher in the GTE Pro class and was 32nd overall on his first start at Le Mans, but former class winner Matt Campbell was not a competitor to Porsche. Miscue mainly by Miss and his star co-driver, actor Michael Fassbender.

Another Australian, James Allen, came from behind the grid and won the Puroamu LMP2 class.

Another kiwi, Nick Cassidy, was only in control of the sixth in his class.

So Anzac’s efforts were clearly mixed, but Hartley did the job as the New Zealanders took pole position for the sports car classic and then drove hard and fast on the flag.

“Today, getting the car on the line was a very special feeling,” says Hartley.

“I’m a small piece of the puzzle. All my teammates are part of this victory. After the race, my wife and 6-month-old daughter are here, so I shed tears.”

Former IndyCar driver Ryan Briscoe takes the full podium

Briscoe was also third completely excited after many previous GT visits to Le Mans.

His Glickenhaus hypercar prototype was helped by the misfortune of others, but it’s always the way to the biggest sports car contest of the year.

“Le Mans Podium, yeah,” posted Briscoe. “The car was fun to drive and it definitely exploded.”

Brisco made his second start with the Scuderia Glickenhaus team run by Jim Glickenhaus, an eccentric American sports car maker in New York.

“Thanks to Jim, my teammates, and everyone involved. I am honored and grateful for this opportunity.”

Shane van Gisbergen finished fifth in the GTE Pro Class at the Le Mans debut

Vangisbergen was unlikely to star as the only private car in the factory-dominated GTE-Pro category, the Le Mans Rookie. The Ferrari 488 of Riley Motorsport is running as Besafe Racing.

They were overtaken for speed, missed the Hyperpole shootout, and moved only to 5th place in the class and 32nd place overall after the retirement of both Factory Chevrolet Corvettes.

“Thanks to BeeSafe Racing for the opportunity and great experience,” van Gisbergen posted.

Aussie James Allen wins LMP2 Proam class

For Allen, an up-and-coming endurance ace, the victory in the LMP2 Proam class is special, just a year after he reached the full LMP2 podium last year.

“The winner of the 24 Hours of Le Mans!” Allen wrote on social media. “I fought hard from the back of the grid behind the GTEAM class to win the LMP2 Pro / Am.

“I am very proud of everything this team has achieved this year and could not thank all the hard work of the Algarve Pro team, not only during the race, but also during the race. Weeks including a complete rebuild of the car.

“I couldn’t thank my teammates, both Rene Binder and Stephen, for providing you with a great race!”

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Winners and losers at Le Mans

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