Why the $ 1.1 Billion Federal Budget Package to Fight Domestic Violence Is Significantly Inadequate and Needs to Triple | Newcastle Herald

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The Government of Morrison plans to make a record effort on women’s safety with a budget of 2021 and deploy a $ 1.1 billion package over five years. Jenny’s Place participates in the New Cassled Domestic Violence (DV) Commission and other front-line domestic violence services around Australia, politely arguing that this amount allocated to the so-called “women’s budget” is significantly inadequate. Pointed out to. We are in the midst of an epidemic of violence against women and children in Australia. One woman per week (on average) continues to die in the hands of her intimate partner. For every woman who has died from domestic violence, there are thousands of people who continue to experience it every day. Peak Body Women’s Safety The NSW has identified the extent of federal funding shortages for domestic violence services / programs. They want three times this amount, or $ 1 billion a year, to reach out to women’s safety organizations across the country to address the critical gap between domestic violence and the forefront of domestic violence. .. Their CEO, Haley Foster, said in the fact that nine out of an estimated 10 women experiencing violence who want to help them stay home safely, except for abusers, do not have access to these important services. He says the budget can’t handle it. She added that one in three women and girls looking for accommodation to escape violence could not be accommodated. News: These numbers are reflected in Jenny’s Place client statistics. In 2020-21, referrals to services increased significantly. It supported 1244 clients annually. This is 15% more than in fiscal year 2019-20. However, of the 653 women at stake, we were able to accommodate only 12 percent in shelters during the fiscal year. 575 women and 434 children introduced us. Our Domestic Violence Resource Center provided counseling and support to 221 women, but without government funding. Rising private rents and lack of social housing have forced many of the women and children who care for us to return to violent partners. The number of older women seeking help to avoid the homeless is increasing dramatically. The Newcastle DV Commission compared the budget allocation for women’s safety with other projects funded by the Women’s Budget. For example, the budget for planes and travel agencies was three times the amount allocated to women’s safety. Their committee distributed infographics to highlight the budgetary funding gap prior to the National Summit on Women’s Safety in Canberra on September 6th and 7th. The summit focused on key issues affecting women’s safety, including the prevention of violence. Technology and abuse, compulsory control, police and judicial response, sexual violence, front-line service and innovation, violence experienced by Aboriginal and Torres Strait women, and the private sector to prevent and reduce violence Strengthening of partnership. Prior to the summit, a series of federal, state, and territory government roundtables were held. The roundtable, along with discussions at the summit on issues affecting women’s safety, will contribute insights and help prioritize the next national plan to reduce violence against women and their children. This is the fifth iteration of this plan in 11 years. During this time, there was little change for victims of domestic violence. The underlying social factors that perpetuate this culture of violence have remained largely unchanged. We urge the government to strengthen its efforts to protect victims of domestic violence and address the underlying social factors leading to this epidemic, where one woman is killed each week in Australia. I will call you. At the summit, the plea of ​​survivors, front-line service providers and other experts was expressed. They went to more support for victims of sexual and domestic violence in consistent law, judiciary and legal systems, and programs from early intervention and education to increased support for victims’ services and accommodation. Asked for more help. Take these into account when the government develops national plans that can actually make a difference and change our course in Australia in terms of domestic violence by making meaningful investments. I want it. We admire the record amount of funding allocated by the government in the 2021 budget as a positive start. We are now calling on them to increase their commitment and work with us and other service providers to have a realistic and lasting impact. The impact of not only changing the outcomes of vulnerable women and children, but also initiating the social reforms needed to break the cycle of violence that plagues our great nation.



Why the $ 1.1 Billion Federal Budget Package to Fight Domestic Violence Is Significantly Inadequate and Needs to Triple | Newcastle Herald

Source link Why the $ 1.1 Billion Federal Budget Package to Fight Domestic Violence Is Significantly Inadequate and Needs to Triple | Newcastle Herald

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