Why Squid Game Has Become the Biggest Show in Netflix History

Korean show Squid game Has become the largest series on streaming giant Netflix, with an incredible 111 million people adjusting it to watch an incredibly violent adult survival game thriller. If you lose, you will die, and if you win, you will receive a prize.

The question is why it’s so popular.

Extreme violence, bloody murder scenes, organ removal, and death are everywhere, all against the colorful background of survival of the fittest.

It may have something to do with the latest reincarnation of what we know as “torture pornography”.

In the early 2000s, Hollywood cast us American horror. saw Franchise [10 films].. Now that the Korean market is delivering a nine-part series, viewers are delighted to see violence for a variety of reasons.

Bruce Isaacs, an expert in the film and film industry at the University of Sydney, said: New Daily The show is working on the idea that the audience will live at a cost through the game. Viewers can’t wait to see what the next game in the show is.

“It was the definition that many scholars brought to the idea of ​​torture pornography when watching a very violent movie,” said Bruce Isaacs.

“I don’t remember seeing such violence or gamed violence on Netflix before.

“People are talking about the joy of watching a show … to acknowledge the joy of watching Squid game, You are asking yourself,’Why NS Am I enjoying it? “

Professor Isaacs Squid game Torture pornography.

“They’re years apart and doing something completely different from the Hollywood context, [Saw] In the Korean context, I would say those problems are that when you see Squid game you NS Enjoy the sight of violence as the game begins. That’s part of what you’re involved in, “he says.

“I think that’s why people are so excited about what this show did.

“I was shocked, but from the standpoint that this is not an American car. I am very excited. Squid game Is a Korean work and is accepted all over the world.

He said the show was sophisticated, incredibly fast and streamlined, “violence and audience position are very original in the context of the films and television we know today.” I am.

“It shows us that people seem to have a desire to see their world as this horrific dystopian case … they called it” hell “in some episodes. I call it.

“You seem to believe it can be considered hell, and how wonderful it is to be in a gamed environment and get out of it.

“It’s the most sophisticated part of the criticism of the capitalist world, and all these people will do anything to get out of capitalist hell, killing others, potentially killing them, etc.”

Squid game versus Bridgerton

Squid gameNetflix’s largest series ever released, premiered in September, surpassing historical drama Bridgerton, And it made a rapid leap to the top show in 90 countries.

Professor Isaacs says they are not the exact opposite, as they are “familiar with both shows that intersect in an interesting way.”

“”Squid game Very violent and dystopian. I think it’s like “What if the world progresses like this in five years?” But we love the soap opera, the overkill, that drives you to strange places.

“What we’re seeing is a story that’s very immersive, well-branded, and well-produced. That’s how Netflix relies on how to sell to its audience.

He says Squid game – Due to the production experience in Korea – it is a “nearly perfect package for a large audience”.

Squid games have struck a chord with viewers around the world. Photo: AAP

So what’s next for Netflix?

Netflix invested $ 700 million in Korean content between 2015 and 2020 to stream more than 80 shows in South Korea. Recently, it announced that it will release more Korean series and movies by establishing two production facilities boasting nine lease sound stages.

Netflix Co-CEO and Chief Content Officer Ted Salands said at a technical conference in California last month that he was surprised at the popularity of streaming services. Squid game It was.

“We didn’t expect it to come in terms of its worldwide popularity,” he said.

Why Squid Game Has Become the Biggest Show in Netflix History

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