Why shoppers panic with the sound of a flatulence with Kmart’s $ 8 sandals

Everyone loves bargains, but many Kmart shoppers report the same, hem, and noisy problems with one popular fashion item.

When it comes to fashion and accessories, Kmart’s clothing has gained enthusiastic support among shoppers.

Famous for selling some of the biggest styles of the season at a fraction of the cost of other retailers-often selling out the most popular items.

But the set Kmart The sandals took him to Facebook and caused a rare complaint from shoppers complaining about their noisy problems.

Kmart is back selling its popular sandals, the Double Buckle Footbed Slides, for a fraction of the price of a similar branded version of Birkenstocks.

However, the price of Kmart’s slides is $ 8, compared to the $ 134 price tag on Birkenstocks, but shoppers report that the Kmart version eliminates the unfortunate sound once inside.

“How do you make all the damn steps you take so that you can’t hear these things like a flatulence?” One of the resentful shoppers asked in the Kmart Inspired Homes Facebook group. bottom.

Her question had dozens of answers from other women who said they had the same “foot flatulence” problem.

“Thanks to God. It’s real. I accepted the sound of flatulence because it’s a very comfortable shoe,” wrote one person.

“I have these pairs, and I walk very awkwardly to stop the flatulence of my feet,” another commented.

Others said, “I just thought I had weird legs,” so “I was very happy that I wasn’t the only one.”

Some say that other cheap brands and genuine Birkenstock have the same problem.

Fortunately, however, there is a solution that was first shared last year by a wearer tired of another sandal struck by the same wind problem-and it includes a pair of scissors.

“You only have to stab the sandal arch a few times with scissors,” explains a post re-shared at Kmart Hacks & Decor earlier this month.

“It leaves holes in your shoes, but no one sees them.”

Those who pierced the sandals vowed that it solved their “foot flatulence” problem.

“I had this problem. When I was in a quiet place, I saw some embarrassing people … a great hack,” wrote one person.

“I did this to make it mine and there is no more flatulence,” another comment said. “If you hear more noise, I’ve added a few more holes.”

Initially published as follows Why shoppers panic with Kmart $ 8 sandals

Why shoppers panic with the sound of a flatulence with Kmart’s $ 8 sandals

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