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Cluttered corridors, cluttered classrooms, cluttered entrances, none of these make a good impression on the school, especially those who want to acquire future student families and potential new staff.

One of the main criminals is always the bag in a cluttered school situation. Bulky rucksacks can create problem areas if no suitable storage solution is found or used.

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There are many reasons why this important aspect of the school’s organization is overlooked, and there are many reasons why it shouldn’t be overlooked.

Perceived lack of space is often the reason why bag storage is overlooked, but this seems a contradiction given the danger and clutter that a false backpack can create. It can be a contradiction. The health and safety risks of allowing bags to clutter the floors of classrooms and corridors are numerous and diverse. With careful consideration and often minimal cost, schools can solve this problem with effective, aesthetically pleasing storage.

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If stored outdoors in the school, a covered area is clearly needed to protect the all-weather bag. However, there are many solutions for creating bespoke enclosed solutions. This negates this need for covered areas, or the cost and effort of modifying and creating buildings.

Beyond the standard open Cubby Hall, which is preferred by many schools as a comprehensive storage option, there are far more on the market today. Sealed hooks and shelters specially designed for backpacks, sports bags, drink bottles and coats aren’t the lowest cost options, but they make an impressive statement and provide a dedicated solution to meet your storage needs. Can be provided.

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Security considerations may circumvent bag storage options such as lockers. The threat of vandalism and theft is sufficient reason for some schools to require students to carry their bags all day long. However, one of the concerns in doing this is the risk of compromising student health and well-being.

A study by the Australian Chiropractor Association found that 90% of school children were in a bad posture when they had a school bag. A study conducted at 340 schools across Australia also found that 75% of students did not use the ergonomic features of their backpacks that could help prevent spinal damage. Many students were found to carry an average of 17 percent of their body weight. The recommendation is that people don’t carry the equivalent of 10 percent.

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According to the Institute of Health & Welfare, 16% of the population (about 4 million Australians) have back problems, and an estimated 70-90% suffer from back pain at some point in their lives. Back pain is now the leading cause of disability worldwide. Formally known as the “text neck,” coupled with the ever-increasing number of neck problems that people are experiencing because they spend a lot of time looking down on their cell phones and devices. And more important. Removing the heavy bag from the equation when the young body is developing only has positive consequences.

Whether you choose an off-the-shelf bag storage solution or a bespoke custom-made option, keeping the bag off the floor from your child’s back can be done at multiple levels. Is the victory.

Industry perspective:

Regarding the storage location of school bags, specialized products for schools are available from companies. Len Hyde, the Safehook representative of Linc Furniture, talked about this issue. He states: “Working on opportunities to improve safety efficiency and pedestrian traffic flow in school cell and hat storage areas is often overlooked in the school’s safety assessment process, but safe traffic movements in public spaces. When it comes to strengthening, the school environment can be considered one of the easiest areas to get the maximum reward without spending a lot of money. ”

“Some bag storage ideas got stuck in the 1970s when kids were using hard sweet cases. Schools need to consider cleaning costs, accessibility, budget, health, safety requirements, etc. Wall-mounted bag storage hooks are efficient in all respects. One of the first concerns raised by the school is the cost of changing the storage location of the school cell. The storage hooks have a compact design. Incredibly powerful, durable, fit-for-purpose and safe without the cost of traditional storage systems.

“They use the otherwise free wall-mounted space to store their bags and hats. One of the biggest benefits of this is the small footprint of this system, which allows it to break into sidewalks and the like. Minimize it. It’s really important when space is precious. It’s easy to drop the bag from the floor to the wall instead of blocking traffic or creating a stumbling block. Insect birds and other You can reduce the chance of getting into your bag when nasty things are stored on the ground or on an open shelf.

“Safety is important. There are no sharp edges or protrusions with oversized hooks to minimize contact injuries, ruggedness to minimize breakage, in moldings or Make sure it’s easy to install with the screws embedded in the back, and that there are no colored rafts at an affordable price. Refresh your bag storage. “

Why schools help store bags – SchoolNews – Australia

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