Why Sandlingham Dragon Josh Shin Becomes a Draft Bargain

According to Sandlingham Dragons coach Jackson Kornberg, the hopeful first draft of Josh Singh can prove a bargain if the selection is down due to a break in the season.

Singh was widely seen as a top five outlook before the start of the season, but a series of injuries, coupled with multiple blockades in Victoria, prevented the fleet’s foot talent from hitting his best shape. was.

Josh Sinn is active during an academy training session in photo

“By the nature of this year, if he slips a little, the club will definitely be stolen a little,” Kornberg said. “In terms of talent, I do believe he is involved in the conversations of those spoken at the top end of the draft.”

Shin, who played in the Dragons halfback, halfforward, and midfield, strained the hamstring while training with the AFL Academy team in April. He returned to the NAB League in late June, but stepped awkwardly when playing for the Vic Metro national team just two weeks later.


“He was just priming his game, and then he was injured again,” Kornberg said. “I’m still at best with’Josie’and I think he’s a very talented kid. He didn’t show it perfectly this year, but he couldn’t do it perfectly. . “

Mid-season rise for teammates Finn Callahan It may have exacerbated the problem as Shin became prominent while he was on the sidelines. Callahan overtook Shin as the most hyped player on Sandlingham’s team, accumulating more than 30 touches on the dragon in each of the two contests following Shin’s hamstring strain.

“Fin really jumped up and Josie wasn’t playing. Then when Josie came back, it wasn’t his best footer in terms of form-he showed a spurt of what he could do- But he didn’t have the complete game Finn did, “Kornberg explained.

Despite Shin’s setbacks, Kornberg believes he is still ready to succeed at the AFL level because of his mature spirit.

Why Sandlingham Dragon Josh Shin Becomes a Draft Bargain

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