Why Megan and Harry’s new role in ethics can bring them back

Prince Harry and Megan Markle may be sleeping on Wall Street, but their latest deal has financial mysteries.

When Edward VIII abdicated in 1936, he was able to marry Wallis Simpson (and dithered the rest of his life about his garden in Paris, full of his majestic loss, gaping. His brother, the newly enthroned George VI (to ponder the open Mau), is a very wise choice. He gave him money.

Edward may have been like a desolate soul for the rest of his life, with no purpose in defining roles or public identities, but at least he was Cartier’s Wallis and Château d’Yquem. Had a franc to maintain a cellar full of, allowances from all courtesy palaces.

But more than 80 years later, when his great nephew Prince Harry followed in his footsteps and brilliantly separated from royal life, his American wife also towed, but the same story didn’t work. ..

Instead, newly “liberated” from the need to kowtow to the palace hierarchy and occasionally agree to open bridges, Harry soon faced a new, apparent bourgeois development. Fretting about money..

Harry didn’t exactly go well when it came to having to navigate Mamon’s new unified world just because his dear dad and his army were paying for their living until the age of 35.

So, of course, it makes perfect sense-cough-money that everyone who worked for the government and his grandma didn’t get from the state, the Duchess of Megan, with him and his wife before Meggit. I never actually made money. Sussex came in a Wall Street outfit.

Yes, Them Sussexes. Yes, that Wall Street.

In the news that broke overnight by New York Times, It was revealed The couple signed on to become an “influential partner” with ethics, A Wall Street asset management company focused on sustainable investment.

“My husband has been saying for years,’Oh, I wish I had a place where I could spend money on something similar if your values ​​were adjusted this way. “Is it?” Megan told the paper. (You’re worried about where to put the dosh, right?)

Ethics, meanwhile, said in a statement about Harry and Megan: These issues are essentially interrelated.

“We want to work together to inform, educate and inspire a wide range of actions on some of the most important and obvious issues of our time.”

Is there anyone else experiencing some dejavu here?

another Corporate union to grab the headline.. Another press release promoting the great ideals of Sussexes and the potential to change the world of the combination of several big companies. Working with the billion-dollar giant is another promise to somehow make the world a better place.

This schtick is getting a little tired, and this latest deal adds plausibility to its diminished thinness.

It makes perfect sense for Harry and Megan to choose Socially Responsible Investment as their latest cause celebrity, and lending their weight is a really worthwhile issue. But if they were motivated only by the fiery desire to attract the world’s attention in this fast-growing field, why not choose a company or platform founded by women or people of color? ??

Instead, they decided to partner with a company management founded by three white men, former Deutsche Bank, JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs.

13 months have passed since the news Harry and Megan’s Partnership with NetflixTheir first big deal was revealed last September. It turns out that this is just the first of many “megawatt” signatures in Brand Sussex.

It was revealed that the Duchess had invested in December Vegan latte brand ClevrThe same month they signed with Spotify. In March, The Wall Street Journal announced that Harry had signed as Chief Impact Officer of Better Up, a company that provides coaching and mental health support. In July, Penguin Random House will board Harry. (His memoirs will be released next year.)

The sum of these arrangements is estimated somewhere north of $ 200 million.

(The exact details of the monetary deal with Ethic have not been disclosed. The company said in a statement that Sussexes is “managed for investment” by the company, but will be rewarded for its impact. It is not stipulated whether or not will be paid. Despite the role of the officer, if they are doing this purely from their goodwill and the dime has not changed hands, this is a press You’ll think it was taken into account in the release.)

But each time these (human guess) very favorable relationships are announced, the world is treated in another press release or interview, which is all part of some grand humanitarian vision. I tried to trample the line fiercely.

In the Netflix deal, they promised that “our focus is on creating content that not only provides information but also gives hope,” and declared that they would create “content that has an impact that unleashes action.” ..

Their Spotify podcast will “build a community through shared experiences, stories and values” as the world hasn’t seen anything beyond one episode yet.

Regarding Harry’s Better Up gig, the royal family said: “I will help affect people’s lives.”

But hey. Don’t package everything as “impact”. TV shows, podcasts, and unicorn employment in Silicon Valley do not cause a global reputation or a world-shaking change.

This performance, which wraps everything in buzzwords and tries to convey everything as part of some great philanthropy, is exhausting.

Where is the credibility?

Harry and Megan quit their royal life. Because the Queen did not allow her to continue working under the royal flag, but at the same time pulled Dosh out of the corporate world. Similarly, we know they need money because Harry violently told Oprah Winfrey earlier this year that “my family literally cut me off financially.” increase.

So money (money earning and spending) is part of their new California life, so why not think ahead?

It’s really okay if they are motivated to get involved in these big companies, as they are motivated by both the true desire to make a difference and the true desire to be able to pay their gardeners. They are not mutually exclusive goals.

Instead, every time a New Deal is announced, it’s all wrapped up in an ambiguous phrase that sounds like it was cooked by the cold and noisy spokesperson Clutch who just got the thesaurus.

It all feels very transparent.

They can effectively act as mouthpieces and promoters for the various celebrities they went to bed, without constantly trying to sell these arrangements to the world like some great philanthropy. ..

Earlier this month, we passed the milestone moment when Harry and Megan were away from the royal life longer than they were together after the wedding. What is clear is that Megxit may have hit the monarchy hard, but it was only a boon to American marketing executives. Make the Almighty Dollar live longer.

Daniela Elser is a royal expert, a writer with over 15 years of experience with many of Australia’s leading media professionals.

at first Megan and Harry’s new job comes after a $ 200 million worth of deals

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Why Megan and Harry’s new role in ethics can bring them back

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