Why George Cambosos’s sparring partners are tipping boilers in New York City

Australian world title challenger George Cambosos (19-0) has been rated a 6/1 underdog by bookmakers this Sunday, but sparring partner Lenny Zappaviña is upset.

Cambosos fights Teofimo Lopez from Brooklyn (16-0) With his WBO, WBA, IBF ring A lightweight title at the full theater of Madison Square Garden, a blockbuster on Thanksgiving weekend.

Former lightweight world title challenger Zappaviña, who is currently fighting the second rank of Cambosos in the welterweight division, said the 28-year-old Sydney Cider is performing as well as he gained in training. ..

“He’s an absolute hard worker,” Zappaviña said. Sports news..

“I did a lot of rounds in preparation for the fight with George. I’m much bigger and stronger and that’s how he can keep me away. He’s very fast, fast and sharp.

“You’re doing 10 or 12 rounds with him, but he’s much sharper. His speed is astounding and his power is astounding.”

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Undefeated Lopez has won 12 of 16 knockout battles, creating the most difficult challenge ever for Cambosos to win against Mickey Bey and Lee Selby.

Originally scheduled for June, the fight was plagued by drama from the beginning as the pair couldn’t meet due to problems with COVID-19 and the promoter.

Throughout the build-up, Cambosos points out Lopez’s weight as a potential obstacle to the champion, suggesting that he is facing a drainage cut to break the 135-pound (61.2 kg) limit.

Just days after the clash, Zappaviña predicts that Cambosos’ famous stamina will help him last longer than his opponent.

“If you don’t put on weight properly and are really struggling to gain weight, it can hurt your body in the rounds after the fight, it can really exhaust you.” Said Zappavigna.

“Lopez looks big. When you hear all the rumors that he’s suffering from weight, that’s a big advantage for George.

“George is comfortable. He comes in a healthy weight, feels good and is well hydrated, but Lopez may be exhausted.

“He may be dangerous for 4-6 rounds, and if George stays wise for those 6 rounds and can take the lead in the next half of the fight, George is very likely to win. . “

Zappaviña has been a fan of all-action styles in the ring for the past 15 years. He says he incorporated it into his sparring session with Cambosos.

“I’m at a level trying to avoid Jim’s war, but as my natural ability, I’m always on the attack. I’m always under pressure and banging. George does it really well. Processed .. We spar at full pace, “he said.

“I’ve seen George Spar have 12 rounds, but he’s ready for another 12 rounds, so that’s a big advantage.

“He’s confident, fits, fast, fast, has footwork, and everything is in place.

“People sometimes doubt his power, but George is very sharp where he can stab you, the speed of his hands is very sharp, and he is surprised at you and tires you. Can be done. “

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Cambosos is about to become Australia’s first unified champion of all weight classes since Kostya Tszcz in the mid-2000s.

Zappaviña said Lopez, who was talking about the fight against Devin Haney and the undisputed ultra-lightweight champion Josh Taylor, would be at risk overlooking Cambosos.

“It will be a tough fight for Lopez, it won’t be a walk in the park,” he said.

“George isn’t going to be there to hit, he’ll move, he’ll create an angle, he’ll be hard to hit, so Lopez will play his game for the whole fight You will want to participate in.

“If God is happy and George succeeds, it will bring Australian boxing back on the map.”

Why George Cambosos’s sparring partners are tipping boilers in New York City

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