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Why Friendly Jordies returns to court with John Barrymore

FriendlyJordies has been dragged into a court battle with John Barrymore, and comedians are set to submit evidence in a defamation trial with former NSW Deputy Prime Minister Google.

Earlier this month, Barillaro agreed to settle the proceedings with Jordan Shanks, also known as Friendly Jordans, in two videos claiming to portray him as a “corrupt scammer.”

As part of the settlement, Shanks paid $ 100,000 in legal costs and apologized to Barillaro, who resigned from Congress last month.

A former member of Monaro has launched a defamation proceeding against Shanks in two videos titled “bruz” and “Secret Dictatorship” posted on the Friendly Jordan YouTube channel last year.

Mr. Barillaro filed a proceeding in federal court and claimed that the video described him as a “corrupt scammer” to be imprisoned for perjury / he described them as “sneaky” and “racist.” I explained it as an attack.

Shanks agreed to edit the video, but the settlement did not include damages payments.

Camera iconFormer New South Wales Deputy Prime Minister John Barilaro will face Google in court during a defamation trial next year. NCA NewsWire / Adam Yip credit: News Corp Australia

Barillaro has settled with Shanks, but will be tried on Google, which owns YouTube.

The court was previously told that Google is set to call for qualified privileges and public interest defenses.

The issue is scheduled for a 12-day trial before Judge Stephen Rare’s next year.

During Friday’s interim trial, the court was told that Google would still call Mr Shanks as a witness.

Barrister Sue Krisantou, acting on behalf of Barillaro, asked the tech giant to guarantee that Shanks would be called a witness after receiving Shanks’ “intention” advice.

“If I cross-examine Shanks, that would be some work,” said Krisantou.

“I have no problem doing that, but if this is just some sort of empty threat, it shouldn’t be forgiven.”

Google’s barrister Lindel Burnett said it was their “current intention” to call Shanks to submit evidence during the trial.

“If Google’s intentions change and they form the view that they won’t call Shanks, they’ll call (Krisanteau) as soon as that changes,” Burnett said.

“But the current intention is for Google to call Shanks.”

Downing Center
Camera iconFriendlyJordies & # 39; Jordan Shanks will provide evidence despite resolving the proceedings with John Barillaro. NCA NewsWire / Damian Shaw credit: News Corp Australia

Meanwhile, Google’s lawyers were also severely criticized by Judge Lares on Friday for a “confidentiality” request for a series of emails ordered by Mr. Barillaro.

Chrysanthou described the concept as “totally misunderstood,” and said Barillaro and his lawyers had to sign a nondisclosure agreement to view the material.

She said the “secret” information Google was trying to protect was the email addresses of some employees.

Barnett argued that Google has a duty to protect the privacy of its employees and users.

“If Mr. Barillaro proposes to broadcast them or use them for purposes other than the purpose of this procedure, that’s another thing,” Judge Lares replied.

“But unless you say that, it’s an exorbitant argument and interferes with your client’s duty to comply with this court order.”

Judge Rares ordered Google to hand over the document to Barilaro.

Why Friendly Jordies returns to court with John Barrymore

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