Why Cricket Australia Missed Mark by Making Steve Smith Deputy Captain

The pain of skipper Joe Root, who was in the limelight after being created by former Yorkshire teammate Azeem Raffic Explosive claim The shadow of institutional racism is overshadowed. Australia’s cricket administration is in turmoil.That former captain probably won’t even play in the series (again at test level), a green captain has been appointed, a new wicket keeper needs to be picked up and now the team plays in atmospheric conditions like Britain (Bureau of Meteorology has predict In eastern Australia, the summer in La Niña can be rainy).

If England couldn’t beat the ashes after these tentative breaks, they would be very disappointed.


The CA appears to have conducted a “character” test on two potential captain candidates. The danger is that in the future, cardboard clippings may do the job.

If i were New captain Pat Cummins shoes, I would like to firmly guarantee that CA and its board have my back if I need it. Pain didn’t get much support when he needed it most, so he might have thought it would.

Cummins has little experience as a captain at any level, so the job will be difficult enough without the burden of being a noble newcomer to Australian cricket.

I have seen first-hand how work has escalated for over 40 years.

I was skating with my brother in the middle of the captain and was the deputy captain for part of his tenure, so I think I have a pretty good idea of ​​what the job involves. I did.

My first misconception was that I was convinced that the Australian captain needed to be an amateur psychologist. I soon realized that amateurs weren’t enough. They had to be in earnest.

Dealing with different personalities was the most difficult part of the job, and bowlers often spent the most time. Fortunately, I’ve been playing with them for years, so I knew them well.

The fast bowler was the most interesting player because even during the hottest hours of the day, it had to be wired differently to enjoy steaming off long runs over 20.

People regularly ask what it was like to deal with people like Dennis Lillee and Jeff Thomson in particular. My answer is that they were generally the easiest to interact with because they just wanted to get into the bowl quickly and get the ticket gates.

Occasionally, things went awry and one of them was in a bad mood about something that generally wasn’t in control of anyone.

Most of the time, they were great to work with and usually made me laugh – it only made them more furious.

Spinners were often the group’s “mad scientists” and needed a completely different manual. The batter and the wicket keeper were easy to compare. The keeper is in the middle of an action and usually puts his finger on the pulse of the game more than most of the time, so he often makes the best agent on the cricket team. At Rod Marsh, I had one of the best.

I was the captain of Australia before and after the World Series Cricket, and I was amazed at the changes in job content between the two years of stints.

Fast Bowler Pat Cummins has been appointed as Australia’s 47th test

Before WSC, games were entertainment, but after that they became semi-professional. The most important difference was that the media corps grew significantly and Channel Nine as a host broadcaster demanded more from the captain. The role has grown dramatically, but the support system surrounding the captain was the same.

As a captain, I was responding to media calls and unregulated requests outside of play hours because there was no media manager. My phone at home or at a team hotel rings at 6am and can ring until midnight. At the end of each day’s play, there was a press conference that the captain was always looking forward to.

The easiest part of the job was what happened around the field and the team. Growing up in the game, most captains aren’t stressed by the cricket side of their work. You can set the batting order, who hits the ball when, and how to set the field with the autopilot.

Responding to changing game conditions is a second property for those with experience in games and captains.

Marnus Labuschagne would have been a logical choice for the role of deputy captain, right. Instead, Steve Smith was handed over the role.

Marnus Labuschagne would have been a logical choice for the role of deputy captain, right. Instead, Steve Smith was handed over the

In the era of professional cricket, the team has head coaches, skill coaches, physiotherapists, doctors and sport psychologists. Most people have a full-time media manager who lays the foundation for captains, head coaches, and team members who need to deal with the media. Media conference responsibilities are usually shared between the head coach and captain before and after the match, but in-game media work is usually shared between players.

Additional support is needed to give the captain time to prepare before the match and to be able to decompress during and after the match. As with most leadership roles, it is important that the captain is a good communicator and delegator.

They say in politics that the crisis should never be wasted. Pain’s situation was a great opportunity for selectors to groom multiple leaders. I’m surprised they’re back at Steve Smith. Not because he thinks he should be punished further, but it would have been a great opportunity to develop another viable long-term leader.

I nominated Marnus Labuschagne on behalf of Cummins, but Smith’s important cricket knowledge was still available when needed. As a senior player, Smith would have participated in most of the discussion anyway. Labuschagne would have benefited greatly from listening to Smith’s thoughts and ideas in real time.

As Deputy Captain, Smith is now more likely to have those conversations only with Cummins, so Loveshagne will miss an important aspect of his leadership development.

Few state captains are due to international efforts that keep elite players almost completely away from domestic cricket. I think I missed this opportunity.

Director Justin Langer has a chance to reinvent himself in this turmoil. His position has been scrutinized for some time, probably because of his preference for micromanagement, which is the main criticism of his critics. The success of the ash campaign is an opportunity to abandon that role when he chooses.


I always believed that the coach was the head of the support staff. Apart from dealing with all his professional coaching and medical staff, it is his responsibility to undertake most of the captain’s pre-match work. The two work together to devise play strategies and tactics, but when the team enters the field, the captain must not only be in charge, but appear to be in charge.

This is unique to cricket and should never be compromised or violated. I hope Cummins will clarify this before making the field a captain.

I am deeply saddened about how Pain was abandoned and effectively kicked out of cricket.

It’s a good time to evoke Mahatma Gandhi’s wise words, “No one is worse than the redemption.”

Why Cricket Australia Missed Mark by Making Steve Smith Deputy Captain

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