Why Computershare (ASX: CPU) stocks hit a 52-week high

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NS Computershare Ltd (ASX: CPU) There is a new annual record.

As of this writing, information technology (IT) company stocks are trading at $ 17.74, a whopping 4.78% increase. Earlier today, shares reached a daytime and 12-month high of $ 17.945 per share. NS S & P / ASX200 Index (ASX: XJO) On the other hand, it has fallen by 0.39%.

The company hasn’t made a market-sensitive announcement for over a month, but something is clearly an exciting investor.

Let’s take a closer look.

One Possible Reason Computershare Is Rising

Computershare stock price rises by founder Chris Morris Leave the board I’m coming on November 11th.

According to the company, “experts in new business models, global finance, accounting, audit issues, transaction and technology, technology, media and telecom (TMT) trends,” Morris said senior financial executive John Nendick. It will be the successor. On the board. He will be appointed on September 21st and will aim for maturity at Computershare’s annual meeting.

Until recently, he was Deputy Global Leader of EY’s TMT Business and was part of EY’s Global Practices Group.

Computershare chair Simon Jones talked about Morris’ retirement.

Chris was instrumental in leading Computershare from a local player to an international success story. His knowledge, long-term strategic vision and passion for the industry have helped Computershare evolve into a successful global public company.

Chris has managed a seamless transition from CEO to non-executive chairman, non-executive chairman, and non-executive board member. We look forward to his continued involvement as a shareholder of Computershare. At AGM later this year, we acknowledge Chris’s significant contribution to Computershare.

Morris was added

Years ago I knew very little that the business I co-founded would lead to global success today. It’s an exciting journey and I’m really proud of what the team has achieved. It’s great to be part of Australia’s global success story.

We are in a very strong and capable position, with exciting prospects ahead of it, and I am confident that it will become more and more powerful. I hope that my growth strategy and the benefits of investment will bear fruit, and I hope that I will continue to be a shareholder.

Computershare stock snapshot

Over the last 12 months, Computershare shares have risen 46.73%. It is about 21 percentage points higher than the ASX200. Since the beginning of the year, the value of Computershare has increased by 23.19%. The ASX 200 is only increasing by 10% at the same time.

Computershare Market first It’s about $ 10.2 billion.

Why Computershare (ASX: CPU) stocks hit a 52-week high

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