Why Christmas movies help connect us

And finally, the Christmas royal family: the common people meet very rude people at work, but fate keeps throwing them together and they fall in love-that he is the prince of the Christmas tree forest. Except!

All of them are aggressive and unpleasant romantic comedies that make you wonder if a straight woman living in the American countryside is okay (most movies have the whole thing that he has a square chin line). Has a female lead who gives up her dreams for a man with a romantic comedy).

Christmas movies are perfect for wearing in the background while wrapping

For years, the genre has been dominated by Hallmark films aimed at conservative rural American women who marry a high school lover, have children, and feel trapped in a small town where they grew up. I’ve been. These films long for women in their lives in urban careers to be the ones who really live their dreams. The characteristic film is a fascinating insight into Central America.

Nowadays, the world of Christmas movies is diversifying to accommodate all kinds of people.The plot has expanded to about International diplomacy Not only the dress, but the female protagonist Meaningful career, And even what our heroine falls in love with an unfriendly farm girl (thank you, Christmas on the ranch, Answer my wish).

Netflix now has enough movies for male leads to return home He loves his male best friend.. Even Hallmark and Lifetime added the first weird character.


This year, Hallmark will release a sequel to the 2020s Christmas house (This featured gay brothers in a scandal, which is a big step after Hallmark put up a jewelery ad in 2019 that briefly introduced a lesbian couple).And life released a queer movie Christmas setup Last year Under the Christmas tree This year.

Given how bad Christmas movies are in principle, you may be wondering why so many people watch them. The answer is that they are like Christmas cracker jokes. Most of them are so terrible that you can connect your family by ridiculing and laughing at them.

Alice Clark is an award-winning freelance journalist, producer and presenter.

Why Christmas movies help connect us

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