Why a charming scammer was released from bailed prison

A charming former banker accused of masterminding a large-scale fraud plan was released on bail after the court heard her family’s concerns.

Sarah Daisli, 30, also known as Sarah Diaz Skkar, was first arrested in December last year after police set up a strike to investigate alleged misconduct against financial institutions, with 15 cases. Was charged with the crime.

Police claim she used her position in the bank to open accounts in the names of fictitious people and tricked hundreds of thousands of dollars between February 2016 and December 2018. ..

She was released on bail, but earlier this month after police charged her with 112 more fraud-related crimes, including using false documents for financial gain and commanding criminal groups. Detained in.

The new accusations are related to police allegations that she remained angry after her first release.

Camera iconSarah Daisli appeared in the Supreme Court on Tuesday and demanded her release to take care of her family.Facebook credit: supply

The New South Wales Supreme Court heard new charges on Tuesday in connection with allegations of fraudulent loan applications with ANZ and St. George Banks three times in April this year.

Also, on another occasion in February, she allegedly accessed money previously sucked into a bank account under a fake name.

Her barrister, David Dalton, told the court that she would defend all charges and acquittal.

“Applicants can justify from legitimate sources that all the proposed funds have passed through her account over the relevant period,” Dalton said.

Prosecutor Stephen McKin opposed the bail application and expressed concern that she would continue to be offended.

“The crown would say it’s better called bold, and it was a taste of the matter,” Makin said.

“It was bold from day one, and even when the April crime was detected.”

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Camera iconSarah Daisli has been charged with more than 100 crimes. NSW police credit: supply

Appearing in a video link on a green T-shirt with ponytail hair tied from the Silverwater Orthodontic Center, the court hears more about how the family struggled while she was behind. At that time, the bar wiped her tears, struggling to control her emotions.

Judge Julia Lonergan ruled that her continued detention was unjustified due to her personal circumstances and said she was unlikely to be tried until early 2023.

The editorial provided by Sarah Diazul, a former bank clerk, was charged with fraud of $ 590,000. Photo: Facebook
Camera iconSarah Daisuri was released on bail for family reasons.Facebook credit: supply

Judge Lonergan also found that strict bail conditions could minimize the risk of recidivism.

Mr. Daisli was released on strict bail conditions, including a $ 550,000 guarantor and a $ 1.05 million guarantor if the other two did not appear in court.

She is also prohibited from contacting financial institutions for the purpose of obtaining a loan without contacting witnesses and must report to the police daily.

Why a charming scammer was released from bailed prison

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