Who is Murray Bartlett?A real star if you’ve seen White Lotus

If you’ve never heard of Murray Bartlett, a US-based Sydney soap star, you’ll be forgiven. Murray Bartlett surprised the world of streaming with a breakthrough roll on HBO’s latest service.

Well, you do it now!

After Bartlett, 50, he landed the role of Foxtel’s front office manager, Almond, in a fun, mischievous (and a little undisturbed) way. White Lotus, Viewers are screaming for more Murray!

From the moment I saw Bartlett in a dusty pink suit with a clipboard and welcoming guests to the resort with a hot towel and orchid lei (taken over three months at the Four Seasons on Maui last year), Bartlett I feel like. This performance is nailed.

Starring with Connie Britton, Jennifer Coolidge and Steve Zahn, the six-part series is a week for miserable and flawed rich guests checking in at a warm and refreshing five-star Hawaiian resort. Following the vacation.

Bartlett’s grumpy almonds make sure they’re always having a good time.

Halo Gorani of CNN wrote:White Lotus It’s just amazing. It’s dark and anxious, but at the same time cheerful. And Murray Bartlett is one of my new favorite actors. “

“One of the most entertaining shows I’ve ever seen, an absolute treat, is absolutely amazing. Murray BartlettAlmond is one of the greatest terry characters ever born! “. Sunday Mail “■ Brian McIver.

When he returned to Australia, he started, so almost overnight everyone wants to claim him Home and away When neighbor Before moving to the United States to enter a big era.

“gold”. “Please give me an Emmy for next year,” wrote his homemade newly found fan base.

“Australian Star of Your New Guilty Joy”

That’s exactly what Foxtel is introducing Bartlett as the “Australian Star” in the latest “Pleasure of Guilt” limited series.

In a July interview with an insider review just before the series aired, Bartlett was his character ( School of Lock! “■ Mike White) is very good at controlling guests except one.

Almond helps organize romantic dinners, find lost bags on the beach, sort scuba diving, and even set up boats to help Coolridge’s sad character spread his mother’s ashes into the ocean. I’m trying, so I’m playfully evil.

Should be, and variety say:”[It’s] Rabbit hole that makes you intoxicated. “

Almonds in the middle of Zahn and his downward spiral at the bar. Photo: HBO / Foxtel

There is one guest, the handsome title Shane Patton (Jake Lacy). He is holding his head from the beginning.

Arriving with his fiancé, Patton is completely absorbed in the feeling of being given the wrong room, not the pineapple suite. He forgets to be romantic and instead chases almonds from the hallway to the dining room, demanding an upgrade answer.

Almonds play a full deck of passive aggressive cards brilliantly until the end of the series (reached after the last 10 minutes).

“These characters lose control of themselves and begin to swirl on the ugly side.

“As the show progresses, you find a lot happening with every character – and my character is no exception.

“Almonds have his own very fierce problem that when things start to unravel at the resort, they all emerge like volcanoes. You really see the range of what’s happening below. [the surface] For these characters, it’s really very exciting and very disturbing, “says Bartlett.

Almonds fall a lot from the wagon with junior waiters. Photo: HBO / Foxtel

More Murray Bartlett, please now

After appearing in a single episode on a local television show or short film, Bartlett moved to the United States in 2000, where he did his first acting job. Sex and the city..

Talk to GQ magazine In August, he said, “I was very happy to be in the show.”

At the time, there were few gay actors and few gay roles, so GQ asked if he thought he was a pioneer.

“Probably because it was a pioneer at the time. [being out] It was still a little unusual. But I didn’t really feel there was an alternative. I never thought I could be anything but myself, “he said.

Luxury resorts always have one guest who makes the manager’s life hell. Photo: HBO / Foxtel

Fast forward White Lotus, He says, the set and crew made him feel at home. “The set felt like a place where we were completely free and could do anything.”

There are sex scenes, drug scenes, and shocking scenes where almonds sneak into the pineapple suite and many seek what they describe as the ultimate revenge on his enemy, Patton.

Let’s just say that when the series returns to its second season in Europe, neither the unlucky almonds nor the cast of his companions are there.

Bartlett said the attention he received was “definitely a surprise.” Parents On September 9, in the uncertainty of COVID, he did not know what would happen to his next career after he and his partner recently left New York for Provincetown, Massachusetts.

He feels like “finally took his big break.”

“Sure, I didn’t expect it to happen, but now that it’s happening, I feel it’s a really good time.”

Hello? Or goodbye guest? Photo: HBO / Foxtel

Bartlett is currently involved in the adaptation of HBO’s next project, the television series. Last of us..

Who is Murray Bartlett?A real star if you’ve seen White Lotus

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