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It’s time for local elections. Are you aware of it? In fact, pre-voting begins on Monday, November 22nd. Many politicians around the world are groaning at the prospect that the machine will have to keep running, as politicians around the world receive little respect from the community. If you don’t want to vote for someone, you can consider voting for someone. Did you know that our voting system is set up to help you vote and vote for candidates? In Australia, there is a priority voting system. When voters use it properly, it is a powerful tool for democracy. But that seems confusing. As a father of three adult children and a teacher of many adult students, I often hear the cry “How do you vote? What are all these boxes for?” To “The goal of the priority vote is to ensure that we are the most disliked politicians,” said Dr. Lindy Edwards, Senior Political Lecturer at the University of New South Wales. Then what should I do? If you want your voting to be as strong as possible, you have two options. If you have 6 groups with a’above the row’box, you should vote for the group you like the most (or the one you hate the most) first, but equally importantly, the group you need to be number 6. Is to vote. A mob you really hate. Next, work in the middle, hoping to become the group you hate the most. Simple. How cool is it? Or: If you are really enthusiastic, you can number all the boxes below the line in the same spirit. If you have 20 candidates (for example), vote first for your favorite (or most disliked) representative, vote 20 for your most disliked representative, and then vote for everything in between. To do. It’s a bit complicated, but it still works. And you have it, our priority voting system. However, there are “traps” in the system that supports large political parties. In local and state elections, you can vote for one group and leave it alone. But if you just vote for number one, it’s like putting all your eggs in one basket. You really do not affect anything beyond your point of view. If a candidate does not vote, it does not affect who will vote (or will not vote). Forget that one party prefers another. It’s just their recommendation to you, the Almighty Voter. They can’t really say where your taste goes. it’s up to you. News: The Newcastle Partnership recently conducted a survey with nine questions about the Newcastle LGA community. One of them was “party politics has nothing to do with local governments.” As a result, 28% of people think that local government party politics is a good idea. If you are one of the “others” and want to change it, I hope this helps. Can i go See you on the other side.


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When voting, if it is “in” or “out”, count it | Newcastle Herald

Source link When voting, if it is “in” or “out”, count it | Newcastle Herald

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