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When the state and federal reach a quarantine facility contract, Victoria will record four new local COVID-19 cases.

Acting Prime Minister James Merlino said the federal government had agreed to support the state’s proposal for a dedicated quarantine facility, and Victoria reported four new cases of coronavirus locally.

Currently, there are 72 active cases in the state.

Merlino said Friday that a dedicated quarantine facility similar to the Howard Springs facility on the outskirts of Darwin would be a safer alternative to hotel quarantine.

“The decisive thing for all Victorians and all Australians is that this will happen. It has been approved by the Federation. They will fund its construction and I am very pleased with this result. I’m happy, “he told reporters.

On Thursday afternoon, the Victorian government received a memorandum of understanding from the federal government regarding plans to build a dedicated quarantine facility in the state.

Merlino said the debate was “very positive,” but added that the location of the facility had not yet been decided.

Victoria has indicated that it wants to build a site next to its existing flora and fauna quarantine facility in Mickleham, northern Melbourne.

Treasury Secretary Josh Frydenberg revealed on Thursday that the government seems to be in favor of Avalon’s site, telling Radio 3AW that “Avalon is clearly very positive that it is near the airport. There is a feature and it is relevant in this case. “

On Friday, Mr Merlino said the state was happy in both places.

“The federal government hasn’t explicitly stated, and we still don’t know exactly which site it landed on. But both will work. Our preference is Mickleham. It could be installed on Avalon’s site as well. I’m happy. It works the same. “

The federal government said the facility “beyond” the current hotel quarantine system, and Mr Merlino said it always carries certain risks.

“We’ve seen 21 violations in hotel quarantine across the country. Our strong claim is that alternatives like Howard Springs, a dedicated quarantine facility for the highest-risk individuals. That’s what we need, “Merlino said on Friday.

Victoria wants the Commonwealth to fund and build a 500-bed facility at a cost of $ 200 million.

The center will be designed and operated at a cost of $ 15 million.

Call for doubling vaccine distribution

As Melvernian entered the second week of hard lockdown, the Victorian region is now out of lockdown, and Merlino said on Friday that it was needed to “completely eradicate this.”

He said there were 5,000 primary contacts left across the state.

The acting prime minister said state health officials had “significantly increased” demand for both Pfizer and AstraZeneca vaccines.

Health officials have given 24,169 vaccinations in the 24 hours to Friday. It increased from 23,921 times on the previous day.

But Merlino said he was struggling to keep up with demand.

“People have to wait for weeks, there are long lines, and there are gaps in access, especially in the rural and urban areas of Victoria,” he said.

Merlino said he was seeking federal help to double the distribution of the vaccine and said the government would support it.

For Melbourne residents, the movement restrictions for approved activities have increased from midnight Thursday to 10 kilometers. Melvanians are allowed to leave home to purchase, care for, care for, exercise, do approved jobs, and get vaccinated with the supplies they need. I will.

Currently, home orders have been lifted in rural Victoria, where up to 10 people can get together outdoors.

Friday’s numbers followed three new cases of locally infected coronavirus reported Thursday, detected from record 57,519 tests.

In the case of Thursday, Second elderly caregiver in MelbourneWas 89 years old, a close contact with the first resident infected with the virus at the Arcea Maidstone facility in Melbourne, and two employees also tested positive.

When the state and federal reach a quarantine facility contract, Victoria will record four new local COVID-19 cases.

Source link When the state and federal reach a quarantine facility contract, Victoria will record four new local COVID-19 cases.

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