When the defamation trial is over, a two-part doco will be aired.

As Johnny Depp-Amber Heard’s defamation trial reaches its final day, a two-part documentary about the couple’s “tragic union” and their 2020 UK defamation case has been cut and edited. , Will be released.

Called Johnny vs. AmberIn two episodes, released on May 26, viewers will lead the couple to “exactly Genesis” as they meet, fall in love, get married, and divorce on a movie set.

This documentary reveals how the actor’s private life was stripped in a court in London after Depp filed a defamation proceeding against News Group Newspapers Ltd in the United Kingdom. Sun For calling him “the one who beats his wife” in the 2018 article.

The trial began in 2020. And it ended with a decision by the London High Court that Depp repeatedly attacked Hard...

According to an official documentary summary by the U.S. television network Investment Discovery (ID), Johnny Depp v. Amber Heard’s current trial unfolds daily testimony from a “read like a conspiracy of controversial drama” stand. It is attracting worldwide attention.

“The two most fascinating movie stars in Hollywood blame each other for the horrifying acts of domestic violence and reveal a relationship that seemed toxic from the beginning,” it reads.

“But in this turmoil and turmoil, the question arises of how this began.”

Throughout the first hour, we ride a roller coaster in Depp’s career and begin with his immediate success in the television series. 21 Jump Street Cast as a fragile and adorable orphan Edward Scissorhands, With text, tapes and home videos played in court.

I have heard his reports of events denying that he is a domestic abuser. This highlights moments such as when Depp’s finger was broken after Hard threw a bottle of vodka at him when the couple was in Australia in 2015.

The second hour Aquaman Actors heard, including the infamous facial bruise she received after Depp threw her cell phone at her.

Cinematographers Bianca Butti and Amber Heard with Johnny Depp Sun London newspaper in 2020. Photo: Getty

variety In November, it was reported that the documentary was in the pipeline.

Discovery Claire Lacock, Head of Entertainment, described Depp and Hard’s “multi-layered story” as “both crazy and horrifying.”

“This series provides deep insight into the epic battle that empowered the #JusticeforJohnnyDepp and #IStandWithYouAmberHeard fan campaigns and the highly open High Court proceedings that captivated us all,” Lacock said. Said.

Charlotte Reed of Discovery said their story remained divisive.

“We have set out to create a documentary that explores the story from each perspective, which allows viewers to go beyond the headlines to understand who they are and who will tell this complex human story. You can decide if you should believe it, “Reed said.

“We think it’s a compelling, contemporary story about the truth, a lie that wants to open a conversation.”

Johnny Depp
Depp continues to deny that he hit Hard and accuses her of attacking him. Photo: Getty

The opening credit states that the 2020 proceeding was a “defamation trial of the century.”

Fast-forwarding in 2022, the Fairfax County Circuit Court’s proceedings successfully and truly surpassed the tag.

It was observed that the three-week trial in London looked like a feud between former spouses. BBC.

However, the second trial required some gear. New York Times “It has become a fierce battlefield over the truth about their relationship, and both sides blame the other for repeated domestic violence for undoubtedly a turbulent marriage.”

Judge Penny Azkarate was brought in by Depp and has seven jury trials in the United States before it began on April 11.

Depp claimed that after Hard wrote his 2018 editorial, he was defamed. Washington post It described himself as a “public figure representing domestic violence.”

His name was not mentioned in the article. But he’s seeking $ 50 million ($ 69 million) in damages, and in return, Haad claims to have defamed Depp’s lawyer Adam Waldman when he called Haad’s accusation a hoax. He argues for $ 100 million ($ 138 million).

The trial is currently in the final week and closing arguments will be held on May 27.

It is unknown how long it will take for the jury to return the verdict.

Depp, who made a short trip to Europe during the suspension of the trial last week, returned to court in Virginia, USA on May 17. Photo: Getty

What’s next for Depp and Hard?

Once this documentary has been aired and the current case is over, one question is whether they can return to the work they once loved, enjoyed and prospered.

heard Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom It will be post-produced and will be released in 2023.She has just finished shooting In the fire Is in pre-production Run away with meA romance thriller about the Americans in Paris who fall into the model.

Depp will continue to narrate his character Johnny Puff in a short television series of anime. PuffinFollow the adventure of a bunch of funny little birds.

He also pre-produces feature films Jeanne du BarryBased on the story of Jeannebek, born in 1743 as the illegal daughter of a poor seamstress.

She passed through the court of Louis XV and became his last official mistress.

Depp plays Louis XV.

Johnny vs. Amber On May 26th, at 9:30 pm AEST, we will premiere a series of episodes on the dedicated crime channel Investigation Discovery (ID) and Fetch.

When the defamation trial is over, a two-part doco will be aired.

Source link When the defamation trial is over, a two-part doco will be aired.

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