When NSW Beauty Services will resume: All dates

Celebrity hair salon owner Marilyn Koch asked Gladys Beregicrian to cut when New South Wales was double vaccinated with 80%.

On Monday after that goal is achieved (currently scheduled for October 15th), hairdressers and other hairdressers can book as many clients as they need, as long as they follow the 4m2 rule.

“We want to have a haircut on Gladys. She works very hard,” said Koch, a long-term business partner of star Joh Bailey’s hairdresser.

Most of the state’s hairdressers have been closed for several months, and hairy-haired residents want to return to the hairdresser’s chair.

Even New South Wales opposition leader Chris Minns asked the salon to “please” resume after a Twitter user called him with his wild hairstyle.

According to the state’s three-stage reopening plan, which was significantly embodied on Monday, a 70% vaccination of the state will result in cosmetologists and beauty services such as nails, eyebrows, waxing and tanning for five people at a time. You will be able to book fully vaccinated clients. Of that population.

This is currently expected to take place on October 6th and will resume next Monday, October 11th.

After about a week, we were able to reach our 80% goal. This means that the 5 person limit will be lifted.

“Personal services such as hairdressing, spa, nails, beauty, waxing, tattoos and massages can be done by one person every 4 square meters (no limit),” a government media official circulated to a reporter. I am writing on the fact sheet.

On December 1st, the third phase of the plan will begin.

Camera iconGladys Berejikrian announced a three-stage reopening plan on Monday. NCA NewsWire / Adam Yip credit: News Corp Australia

The date contains two important changes for the hairdresser. Unvaccinated people will be allowed to book and the 4 sqm rule will be relaxed to 2 sqm.

This means that each person in the facility needs only 2 square meters for himself.

Koch said booking requests from people trying to get the first cut in a few months have already begun to flood.

“I don’t know the number of calls and emails,” she said.

“But I was a little hesitant to make a reservation because I wasn’t sure (about future rules).”

However, following the announcement on Monday, Mr. Koch said she would start re-staffing receptionists at her three salons.

“I’m grateful to be back in the game,” she said.

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Camera iconMarilyn Koch, the owner of a celebrity hair salon, can’t wait to get back into business. credit: News Corp Australia

Jenny Burns, marketing manager for the Australian Barber Council, said many in the industry were disappointed with the five-person limit that limits business from October 11.

“It’s unfair because there may be pubs and gyms with comparable space next door, but they can have a lot of patrons and we only have five,” she said. Said.

“But it’s reassuring to be clear about what happens at 80%. Everyone is wondering when to announce.”

When NSW Beauty Services will resume: All dates

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