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When my family in Sudan captured Covid, the complete injustice of fate sank | Coronavirus

In Richard Attenborough’s Far dawnThe 1987 film about South African anti-apartheid activist Steve Biko has lines that have plagued me since I was a kid. Bico is trying to explain to a sympathetic white newspaper editor what it is like to grow in a world where your destiny is sealed before you are born. He looks at the life of whites and explains how black children feel. “No matter how smart or stupid a white kid is, he is born in that world. And you, a black kid, wise or stupid, you are born in this. And wise or stupid. But you die in it. “

The word is the exact opposite of what every young man should believe. With enough personal effort, you can be the one of your choice. Instead, as Biko clearly saw, the shape of life for some children has already been determined. Around the world, children are born into lives that are limited by race, gender, financial or social status and can never escape. People on the other side of the division are told the same mythical variation. With enough effort, you can live a better life, no matter how far away you are.In the west, the pandemic shattered this illusion and claimed people’s lives and livelihoods according to their claims. Racial and economic status.. In low-income countries, that illusion wasn’t there in the first place.

Faced with Covid in those societies is to support yourself for your appointed destiny, wait and claim, or be lucky and escape.As the pandemic prolongs, the people in my family Sudan Those who are still working will share their income with those who have lost their income. There is no state, no furlough, no food bank. No matter how hard and careful it was, the wolf couldn’t be kept away from the door. And there is virtually no medical system.

In Sudan, a complete blockade cannot be enforced. In many parts of the capital, Khartoum, the fact that outdoor outbreaks were not allowed simply moved indoors. The wedding was still in progress and was just small and invisible. After that, a funeral was held. However, when death and illness come, the bravery of the celebration, which ignores the virus, melts away. In neighboring Egypt, a man proudly told me that his daughter’s wedding was not only under the supervision of the authorities, but also welcomed them as guests.A few weeks later, a harsh report came out Severe oxygen deficiency He died in the ICU of a hospital in Cairo.

I spent many of the pandemic years trying to protect vulnerable members of the Sudanese family in remote areas. North Africa and East Africa.. My worst horror was reserved for an elderly mother and her siblings. I realized that when a person gets infected, they have nothing to do but wait for what happens... The anxiety I felt was many extreme versions of lonely immigrants – you tried to divide your resources and expand the privileges you gained by sending money home to your family. I will. However, these resources can only be expanded in the past.

Each family became ill and culminated with my mother. They toured the city for help, moved away from the hospital, and even if they had money, they had no oxygen, no inhalers, no ventilators. Very wealthy people paid for very few private ICU beds and blocked them in advance. One doctor told me that even if ventilators were available, the equipment they depended on was not available. The intubation tube, monitor, and even the anesthetic needed to connect the patient are all lacking.Another doctor in Khartoum Told Reuters: “On a normal day in Sudan, you can’t find a ventilator. Those who have immunity need to live and those who don’t have to pray.”

And we prayed. Someone found an old oximeter, which was shared around a sick family cluster that my mother and several aunts, uncles, and cousins ​​used in one of their wasted daily journeys. Even with your low oxygen levels, there was nothing you could do. A modest diet was dropped by people who were still healthy and had the money to buy more food. If there were doctors in the family or social networks, their phone numbers were shared. In the absence of public resources, people pooled and shared private resources. These few assets are getting thinner and thinner in Sudan, but in the UK, governments that overuse them ignore medical advice, delay blockades, spend valuable money on wrong PPEs, and Bid process..

My mother was pulled out after a month of panic addiction For Christmas and New Year. I emotionally spend that period with two countries that have abundant wealth and public health infrastructure, but are mismanaged by individual politicians, and two countries where only personal solidarity remains. We have observed these different realities that are tied together. It was like having two parents, a rich but arrogant parent and a poor but wise parent.

Contemplating these differences causes a kind of dizziness and highlights how unnecessary the pandemic pain in the UK was.How many people have resigned to the idea that there is There is no better way Operate the economy and public facilities. The UK government is incompetent and the NHS is expanding, but the problem is more serious than both of these facts.We are a country of enormous financial privileges and intellectual and scientific capital, a country that does not have a business at the top of the world table. Number of deaths.. But we are also a country that has long chosen to believe in shortage. It’s not enough to go around, and if someone is struggling, they simply have to work harder to prosper.

This is a disadvantage for us to avoid helping others, and a lie we tell ourselves to believe that we have gained our position on the bright side of Biko’s division. The truth is that we are all where we are because of stupid luck. For the brutal or happy situation of our birth. Much I’ve learned over the past year as loved ones in poor countries succumbed to the virus without even getting medical or financial assistance, but still tried to mitigate each other’s blows. Another lesson has been added to the person. The only thing that makes us human is to share it when we don’t need it. We understand that there is no natural morality or justice in life unless we actively force it by sharing it with others. Other than that, it is apartheid.

When my family in Sudan captured Covid, the complete injustice of fate sank | Coronavirus

Source link When my family in Sudan captured Covid, the complete injustice of fate sank | Coronavirus

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