What we are talking about: Self-heating puffer fish and reduction of plastic waste

Want a luxurious and sustainable self-heating puff coat (yes, please!) Or do you want to throw away plastic in your cosmetology regime? Read below for more information.

$ 449 with heated blowfish jacket and battery pack,

Sustainable self-heating puffer fish

Melbourne based fashion label The result of the change In collaboration with the indigenous artist Niketa Law, we have created a luxurious and sustainable self-heating puff coat. In the winter of 2022, we’ll be launching futuristic luxury items that sell for less than $ 500, including designated phone spaces, earpod pockets, removable bags, and removable sleeves. The puffer fish has four nano-heating pads, individual temperature controls (two on the back, one in each pocket) and DuPont filling to keep the wearer warm without heating the coat. increase.

The gorgeous lining exhibits Niketa’s work, Balamba style, An art collaboration exclusively commissioned for the brand. Niketa’s art was inspired by her home in the Australian hinterland. To make the coat a reality, the Consequence of Change launched a Kickstarter campaign with the public’s support to procure the best possible recycled materials, manufacturing and technology.

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Machine cleans plastic shampoo container for reuse

Every year in Australia, more than 152 million disposable plastic (SUP) bottles worth of shampoos, conditioners, deodorants and skin care are reclaimed exclusively by supermarket brands. According to the Federal Waste Report, only 15 percent of the plastic consumed by Australians is recycled. Zero companyKnown for its zero-waste refill model for household cleaning products, it has attracted the attention of the beauty industry and created the world’s first refillable, SUP-free liquid shampoo, conditioner, body lotion and roll-on deodorant.

In the last 18 months, Zero has removed 803,083 water bottles of debris from the ocean and beaches by funding cleanups around Australia, according to co-founder Mike Smith. Their signed pouch collector prevented the equivalent of 789,325 water bottles from being finally landfilled. Pouch Recovery Machine is an Australian design technology for cleaning and disinfecting used refill pouches returned by Zero Co customers (free in a reply envelope). When clean, the pouch is refilled with the product and sent back to other customers.

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What we are talking about: Self-heating puffer fish and reduction of plastic waste

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