What Types of SSL Certificates does Comodo Offer?

Comodo SSL certificates are approved at three levels: Domain, Enhanced, and Organization.

  1. Domain approval ensures that you are the legal owner of your domain name and authentication.
  2. Enhanced Validation SSL certificates provide the highest level of trust by displaying the green location bar, which informs visitors that your site is trustworthy.
  3. Organizational approval implies that your SSL certificate will be issued after a historical verification of your business profile is completed.

The majority of Comodo’s SSL declarations can be classified as follows:

Free SSL Certificate

The Comodo SSL Certificate is great, assuming you wish to try out the Comodo SSL administration for 90 days without paying a penny. The testament is given in no time and accompanies the most elevated strength 2048 piece signature and 256-digit encryption.

You can likewise utilize it to test your new webpage’s SSL Security Certificate before it goes live, or your internet-based business can remain secure, assuming your present declaration is expected to lapse.

Comodo SSL Certificates

The Comodo SSL Certificate is the organization’s standard SSL testament. The organization asserts that this is the speediest and most savvy way for an internet-based business to secure client exchanges. The declaration accompanies 2048 piece industry-standard encryption.


The Extended Validation (EV) SSL declaration was initially evolved by Comodo. This 256-cycle advanced testament obstructs phishing assaults and reinforces web-based business security. It takes around 1 to 3 weeks to obtain on the grounds that the Certificate Authority (CA) requires broad confirmation of the mentioning substance’s personality.

When procured, this advanced endorsement shows the green location bar that accompanies the latch logo and the “Trusted” phrasing name. This visual confirmation tells web guests that they’re on a protected website.


Comodo issues the Unified Communications (UC) SSL endorsement inside an hour later application. This 128/256-bit UC SSL endorsement is an incredible decision for associations that utilization a Microsoft Exchange 2007 or higher Office Communications Server climate.

Not at all like the EV SSL endorsement, the UC SSL declaration works with secure correspondence between various areas. It likewise includes the AutoDiscover administration, which incredibly diminishes regulatory intricacy and cost.

Special case SSL

Comodo additionally gives Enterprise, Instant, and SGC Wildcard SSL declarations. Trump card SSL testaments secure 1 space and limitless sub-areas with a 256-bit encryption key. Thusly, you don’t need to bring about extra charges to encode sub-spaces on your site.

The Wild Card SSL endorsements have all the standard security includes that Comodo offers like the protected https://URL, free TrustLogo webpage seal, and lock in the location bar to further develop certainty among web guests.

Think about Comodo versus GoDaddy SSL Certificates

Both Comodo and GoDaddy offer every one of the three sorts of single space SSL testaments: Domain Validation (DV), Organization Validation (OV), and Extended Validation (EV). Assuming you have just a single site that utilizes a solitary space (no subdomains, elective area names, or space names with various expansions), you should purchase a solitary area SSL endorsement. A DV SSL declaration is best for instructive sites, sites, social sites, and individual sites. OV and EV SSL declarations are suggested for locales that arrange with clients’ touchy data, for example, bank subtleties, charge card numbers, passwords, and actually recognizable data (PII) like names, dates of birth, and so on.

Numerous Subdomains: When you have different subdomains (for instance, blog.mysite.com, support.mysite.com, billing.mysite.com, products.mysite.com, and so forth), you can get all of the subdomains with one trump card SSL authentication.


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