What percentage of Afterpay (ASX: APT) shares are owned by insiders?

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Afterpay Co., Ltd. (ASX: APT) ASX that is still widely followed Growth shareDespite the imminent withdrawal from the ASX board.Afterpay Announced in August to be acquired U.S. payment giant Square Inc (NYSE: SQ).. As a result, it is clear that investors will soon be unable to invest directly in afterpay stocks. Nevertheless, the acquisition is expected to take place in 2022. Therefore, there is still time left for this company at ASX.

But with this in mind, it may be a good time to see how the company’s stock structure and ownership are progressing.

Afterpay is, after all, one of ASX’s most prominent founder-led companies. It was famously started in 2014 by Nick Mornal and Anthony Eisen and is still led by these gentlemen today. In fact, with the acquisition by Square, Eisen and Molnar will both join the newly merged Afterpay / Square.This is What Afterpay said about the new role played by the two founders Company after the merger:

Afterpay’s co-founders and co-CEOs will join Square upon completion of the transaction and help them lead Afterpay’s respective merchant and consumer businesses as part of Square’s seller and Cash App ecosystem. After closing, Square will appoint one Afterpay Director as a member of the Square Board.

How many Afterpay shares does its founder still own?

Therefore, both Eisen and Morner still own a significant portion of the company they founded.according to To ASX release from August 30th, Molnar owns approximately 19.46 million afterpay shares through various means of ownership. We also have over 165,000 stock options.

Eisen also holds a significant stake. The number of them is about 19.41 million, which is also owned by various vehicles. He also holds a similar number of stock options as Mr. Morner.

The number of issued shares of Afterpay is currently approximately 291.17 million. Therefore, the ownership of these two founders can be considered to be about 6.68% by Molnar and 6.66% by Eisen. The total is 13.34%.

Why is this important? Well, many ASX investors, especially growth investors, love to meet the founders (or multiple founders) who are in control of the company they created. Since the founders founded the company, there is some assumption that they tend to be more in line with other shareholders. This is especially true when founders like Molnar and Eisen retrain most of the company’s overall ownership.

So if you are one of those investors, you don’t have to worry about the pending acquisition of Afterpay. Square is also a founder-led company, with Jack Dorsey still maneuvering the ship.

What percentage of Afterpay (ASX: APT) shares are owned by insiders?

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