What Kristen Bell’s daughters really think about Anna and the Snow Queen

Hollywood star Kristen Bell reveals what really happened the night she met her husband Dax Shepard.

From obsession with sloths to recent flaps to keep children out of the bath every day, we tend to create headlines to share ideas about things that have nothing to do with the project. Do you have a foot mouth syndrome or do you like to say it as it is?

The latter – I am a speaker. I say my thoughts because I don’t like the idea of ​​changing who I am because of how people judge me. Sure, sometimes it stirs a headline, but I don’t care because that headline isn’t me.

From the breakout roll at Veronica Mars Speak out in 2004 gossip Girl, You gave the ultimate cool girl who really wants to be a teenager. But what did you really feel at school?

I was happy and average. I didn’t want friends, certainly not bullied. But in retrospect, playing Veronica Mars and seeing how hard the high school experience was for many, I was never a mean girl, so I’d like you to open your eyes a little more. But I was optimistic, unaware, waiting to leave.

Your comedy series Good place I explored what could happen after you died. Is there anything like going straight to a “bad place”?

I doubt it. I am a very rule follower. I feel pretty decent anxiety when I have to break the rules, and I’m an annoying person at a party like this: It’s 10 pm. So I can be a little disappointed.

But you are breaking the rules of the new movie “Queen Pins”. This follows the true story of two “ordinary” women who laundered $ 40 million using a coupon system. There are rumors that I also like coupons a little.

Oh, absolutely. I love a lot and am very sensitive to coupon heights, but more specifically, my grandmother was an extreme coupon provider. The perimeter of her basement was lined with a perfectly organized cardboard box.

She will collect a hundred or so [coupons], Send them to a detergent company and say, “See how good a customer I am.” And they will send her back $ 5 as a thank you. With all those little checks, she started college funding for me and my cousin.

You’ve played a lot of flawed but adorable (and energetic) women – from Eleanor Shellstrop Good placeTo Kiki Bad mom.. Who do you look most like in real life?

I’m a hybrid of Anna, the Snow Queen and Anna of Veronica Mars. It really depends on the day. Sometimes I’m noisy and optimistic, with my heart on my sleeve. The other day, I’m a little sullen and want to spar.

So, given that their mom is Princess Anna, does it make your daughters (Lincoln, 8, and Delta, 6) your biggest fan? Or are they really your toughest critics?

Oh no, no, no. Certainly the toughest critic. They didn’t care so much. The kids were made to keep you humble, and mine is doing a great job at their job.They like frozen, But they don’t like to talk about the fact that I’m part of it.

You and your husband, Dax Shepard, are often hailed as a poster couple for #relationshipgoals. Have you ever found the label difficult to live in?

Yes – in fact, I don’t think it’s a little real to us, so it’s not that hard to respond.We try to be very honest [the fact] We disagree with many, but go for treatment when needed. Because I don’t want people to think that I should look for the missing puzzle pieces. All humans are confused. You need to understand how it declines, flows, and grows with someone.

Apparently, when I first met, there were no sparks.

That was 100% true. He likes to say he fell in love with me when he heard me give the rules of Charade. We were playing games at home, but there were a lot of people doing bozo movements.

I was giving everyone a refluff about rules, efficiency and behavior, and he likes to say he was watching this little radical human being and was very inspiring.

Queenpins will be available for streaming on Paramount + starting October 2nd.

What Kristen Bell’s daughters really think about Anna and the Snow Queen

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