What is the most suitable trading style for your personality?

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Trading styles often correlate with the trader’s personality.It is important to reflect Inside the personality And before choosing a lifestyle Trading strategy Create NS Transaction plan.. This is a trading style that goes against your personality, cause Future difficulties in sticking to your trading plan.When a trader finds the trading style that suits him best. Styles generally endure long term.Traders who are unfamiliar with trading styles or have not found a home in a particular trading style are the ones who are most often the most common. Transaction mistake..

Trading style for highly organized individuals with short time

Strategies to consider:

  • Swing trading―――― Swing trading is considered mid-term because positions are typically held somewhere between hours and days. Minimal time investment and suitable for short time traders. Opening and closing orders You can use Triggered Automatically when a certain price level is reached.
  • Automatic trading ―――― Another approach for traders who are short of time, or Leisure transactions, Automatic transaction. Traders simply set entry and exit criteria along with the size of the trade and leave the rest to the market.

Trading style for discreet individuals with time to investigate

Strategies to consider:

  • Position trading– – This is suitable for traders seeking to hold long-term (month / year) positions and often make decisions based on long-term fundamental factors. Large amounts of capital are required to withstand the potential volatility of a transaction for the life of the transaction. To avoid Margin call.. Careful individuals also tend to trade smaller sizes, take advantage of stops and avoid highly volatile markets.

Trading style for decisive individuals who prefer immediate results

Strategies to consider:

  • scalp transaction ―――― Scalp traders appear to start and close trading within minutes, Take wellBenefits of usually high price fluctuations Lever action.. Due to the fast-moving nature of this trading strategy, profits and losses are realized quickly.A definitive trader who frequently seeks immediate results Exchange news By formulating an opinion on how the market is likely to react and planning accordingly.

Matches your trading style

Consistency of trading style leads to consistency of results. Changing the style when trading is at a disadvantage is a common mistake for novice traders. Not all transactions are successful, so you should not make a decision after a limited number of transactions. If your trading strategy is sound with proper risk management, sticking to it should provide the desired results.

Find the personality and style of your transaction: Summary

Traders of different personalities and lifestyles can all participate in the forex market. Whether the trader is accustomed to a hands-on long-term swing or position trading approach, or a short-term day trading or scalping approach, or a hands-off automated trading approach. There is something in the deal for everyone!

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Become a better trader with our trading tips

  • Knowing how to control your emotions during a transaction turns out to be the difference between success and failure.Explore the importance of Emotions in trading..
  • It is important to have a trading goal to work on. For more information on how to set these goals, Become a better trader Webinar series.
  • Our research team has analyzed over 30 million live transactions and Characteristics of successful traders.. You can incorporate these characteristics into your strategy to gain an edge in the market.

What is the most suitable trading style for your personality?

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