What happens when you reach your goal

Taking it seriously is associated with expectations for performance, as described as “adult work”. To be taken seriously is to be seen as an adult. It’s scary because it raises our self-doubt about our abilities and credibility. Fear of failure often defeats the desire for success, so we postpone, stop, divert, delegate, and masquerade to alleviate our fears.


In our career, we live too often between the tragedy of failing to reach our goals and the tragedy of achieving our goals. We are dissatisfied that our career has not reached the height we want. For some, this is associated with unstable self-esteem, but for others, it’s more like a truly comical self-delusion of ability and grandeur.

But for others, the combination of luck, judgment, and talent takes them seriously and achieves their goals. Only then did they realize that what they coveted and believed that what they believed would bring them fulfillment and happiness was not what they negotiated.

Who knows what will happen to my heritage? Perhaps, like Bob Monkhouse, it looks like this: Jim Bright, his career was a joke.

What happens when you reach your goal

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