What does it really look like as a player when you know your manager is destined?soccer

NSPeople are selfish and cannot escape from it. Whether you’re a soccer player or working in the office, employees are always thinking about how decisions affect their professional life. Humans are habitual creatures, so they hate change and want coherence. When change comes, people can go into self-mode and become selfish.

If the manager is under pressure, as in the case of Steve Bruce in Newcastle, especially if tens of thousands of people inform you every two weeks, it will be passed on to the players. Anxiety makes you feel burdened by going around dressing rooms and training areas. Every player has something to win or lose from a replacement manager, so individuals treat it differently.

The dressing room is for those who are on good terms with the manager, those who are not, those who are starting, those who are not, those who are abandoned or who do not fit the style. You judge people by how they treat you, and if the manager is good for you, you will have a good relationship. If he or she isn’t, you’ll have something bad. It’s not just about football. In any course of life, it’s whether you like your boss, how they make you feel, and whether they’re the best or the worst from you.

For those who are off the team and may not enjoy the workplace, they are in a psychological battle knowing that they will not appear no matter what they do. Often they come up with the idea that moving is the best option, but if the team isn’t doing well, it may be better to wait for the manager to leave. Players may be bitter and very happy that they haven’t appeared on a team doing bad things. Some enjoy watching the team suffer because they can’t blame the team for failure, while further hitting their ego that they can’t play badly and lose and question themselves. Will be.

I was in the dressing room, but after the manager was fired, half of the team was lively and the rest were burned down. It was a real “wow” moment, as many players weren’t willing to enjoy it and showed themselves that they wanted a new manager. Others got angry with someone who signed them, worked closely with them, and tried to create a positive dressing room culture. They weren’t given the time they deserved.

It’s the cold and brutal nature of football, and players are accustomed to firing, hiring, and everything that comes with it. As Alex Ferguson and Jose Mourinho testify, it’s a business and everyone will lose their job someday. Even the best managers in the world do, and that’s something you have to expect. They say you really become a manager only when you are fired.

Even great managers such as Jose Mourinho (left) and Sir Alex Ferguson depicted here were fired in 2007. Photo: Carl de Souza / AFP / Getty Images

The important thing is to have a strong leader in the dressing room to minimize tensions during bad times, to minimize tensions between those who are playing and those who are not, and when managers change. To support unification.

There is more thinking about the unknown number of incoming people. The selfish nature resurfaces and players discuss which incoming manager is best for them. There are many rumors about potential candidates, and players need to see positives and negatives. No one is safe when a new coach arrives. Even if the player was a favorite in the previous regime, the situation can be very different in the latest appointments.

Players quickly think about how the appointment will affect them, given the name of the hat for the role that is vacant (or will soon be emptied). They consider where in the dynamics it fits. The change can be a very disturbing time with new players and staff. The player may have previously shipped in collaboration with the manager and believe that it may happen again. The manager may not like you. You may have insisted. There are many possibilities in the unknown world. Or the manager may have pulled the best out of you, you love them and their style suits you. If you are a technical player and your manager runs a long ball game, you will not want them to use you.

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Newcastle players should expect high turnover of staff and players in the coming weeks and windows. Bruce’s successor will be handed an inevitable war chest to acquire a team that can bring the club up the league in a new era. The pressure is constant for all top-level managers, but this investment adds an additional layer to everyone who comes to St. James’s Park.

It’s important to remember that changes are needed in any course of life to grow, whether the weight is lifted from the player’s shoulders or afraid of the next manager. We may not like it, but adapting to change and accepting it is the only way to move forward.

What does it really look like as a player when you know your manager is destined?soccer

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