What Can Be More Important than RTP in Online Slots?

Those who like to spend their free time spinning the reels in online slot games, for instance, Queen of the Nile, are recommended to pay attention to some important characteristics. It is not a good idea to choose a slot machine guided only by its theme, appearance, and attractive potential winnings.

Gamblers, who have studied the features of slot machines at least superficially, first of all, pay attention to the RTP, that is the return-to-player rate. For those who do not know what it is about, RTP is a theoretical indicator that describes the expected rate of return of the slot. In simple terms, the higher it is, the greater chance the user has to win a prize. Let us look at what it means in practical terms.

For example, Starburst has an RTP of 96.09%. What does this mean? For every $100 wagered, the gambler may receive a payout of $96.09. Naturally, this only works in the long run. The average payout rate in the slot machine market reaches 96%. It is recommended to choose games with an RTP that is above average or reaching this value. Thus, you can significantly increase your chance of receiving such long-awaited cash prizes. In addition, gamblers can always play a demo version of any slot machine, for example, Cleopatra free slots, in order to study all the subtleties of the gameplay, the peculiarities of prize combinations, and to understand how risky the game is.

But besides this characteristic, there are two more equally important ones – these are volatility and the hit frequency. Let us discuss these two concepts in more detail in order to figure out which machines will provide a good opportunity to increase the initial bet.

What is volatility in terms of online slots?

Volatility is a feature that directly indicates how risky the game is. The higher the value is, the higher the risk and the probability that the user will be left with nothing at the end of the game. This indicator is very relative and is often not taken into account by gamblers.

The volatility indicator can be determined in several ways. The first and, perhaps, the simplest way, although it may be incomprehensible for many users, is the study of payout tables, bet multipliers, reviews, streams of gamblers, forums. Many users do not want to do this and sometimes lose their deposit in a matter of seconds.

One safe method to determine the volatility indicator is a practical approach. Almost all online slots have demo versions. Thus, bettors can take advantage of free games and spin the reel 50 to 100 times, thus coming to understand what volatility the slot machine has.

There are three main volatility indicators:

Let us look at each type of slot and examine them in more detail.

High volatility slot machines

There are a lot of slots with such a volatility indicator. They include both classic fruit machines and more uncommon ones, for example, featuring Megaways mechanics. These slot machines suit patient gamblers the best. They do make significant payouts, although such payouts are not as frequent as players would like them to be. The period without payments in these games can last up to 200 spins. This means that it is better to play here by increasing bets rather than risk the entire deposit at once. The potential for winning in such gambling games is usually very high and exceeds x10,000 to the initial bet.

Slot machines with progressive or fixed jackpots all have high volatility and this should be taken into account.

Virtual slots with moderate volatility

This indicator can be considered a kind of compromise between high and low volatility. These slots are equally well suited for both beginners and more experienced gamblers, as well as those with a fairly limited bankroll. Video slots with moderate volatility are the most common because providers are focused on this segment more. Here, everyone has a fairly good chance of getting such a long-awaited win.

Online games with low volatility

Slots with low volatility will delight players with frequent prizes, but they won’t be large. This is a good option for those who are just starting their journey in the gaming industry and want to learn all the intricacies of slots from the inside out and do it at a minimal cost. It should be noted that there are not so many slot machines with low volatility on the market, but it is not difficult to find them – just open the official website of a reliable casino and adjust the search parameters. These games usually have a low potential for the main prize and rarely exceed x5000 to the initial bet.

Slots with variable volatility

This is a rather common type of video slot where the volatility can change depending on whether bonus rounds have been activated. That is, in the main game, you will have a good chance of getting a prize; but when it comes to the bonus rounds, the risk increases significantly. Beginners should beware of such machines because they are quite unpredictable. Even users with extensive experience should first practice and study all the rules of the slot by playing the demo version, which is available absolutely free of charge and without registration.

Hit frequency

What does this indicator mean? The hit rate describes how often the user will receive winning combinations. Do not confuse the hit frequency with volatility and the RTP rate since these are fundamentally different concepts. The indicator in question can be declared both for the main game and separately for the bonus round.

It is worth looking at an example to make it clearer. If an online slot machine has a hit rate of 9%, then this means that exactly 9% of the spins will lead to the formation of a prize combination of any value. Of course, this happens in the long run. It should be understood that this information is a theory and the hit frequency is a conditional indicator because it is calculated for 1,000,000 rotations. That is, for 100 spins of the reel, you may not win at all, and for the next 100, you may get as many as 50 prize combinations.


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