West Coast Break Title Duck After Not Touched by Super Netball Uproar | Super Netball

Met wasn’t the closest or most exciting Grand Final, but eventually in 2022 Super netball The title maker characterized the entire season. It was physical, emotional, and showed the controversial nature of a two-point super shot, dominated by West Coast Fever.

Melbourne Vixens is a minor premiere and has measured their Grand Final opponents on two regular season outings, but Fever cannot be underestimated. 9 goals win in the major semifinals Showed what they can do. They were upset only four times in 2022 – twice for Vixens and once for Queensland Firebirds and Giants Netball. In their regular season, they scored 116 goals more than their closest rival, the Giants, and despite two less wins than Vixen, they had the highest goal rate in the tournament.

In a season hurt by out-of-court controversy – from Sale of Grand Final Hosting Rights To Netball Australia’s financial position – Fever remained untouched by any drama. Not only that, they were able to shake off their own controversy over the past few years – salary cap violations, controversial reschedule games, and mysteriously broken contracts all focused on court. It disappeared into the background while being hit. It’s not surprising that they were finally the first year in their history to secure a premiership.

Jhaniele Fowler’s dominance couldn’t be understated and took five seasons, but Fever was finally able to get the most out of her power. They approached 2018 and 2020-both years they finished runners-but in those years there was always a loss of connectivity. In 2018, I wasn’t familiar with wing attacks, but in 2020, I couldn’t fully focus from Fowler to the position of the goal attack.

In moving Alice Teague Neild to this season’s Wing Attack, Fever benefited from her playmaking without the drawback of hesitating to shoot. With her second season in the west, and her consistent outings in the goal attack, Sasha Glasgow provides a link between Tea Gneild and Fowler while relieving pressure on the goal shooter at a crucial moment. I took a shot for that. Verity Simmons in the center wasn’t the best season, but he was able to play enough link games to make Teague Neild shine in the middle of the court and give Fowler a competitive advantage.

Jhaniele Fowler stretches to reach the ball in the Grand Finals on Sunday. Photo: Dave Hunt / AAP

The most interesting thing to note was how Fever used and managed the two-point super shot. Proponents of the rule change that entered the competition in 2020 believe that it will reduce the dominance of tall, holding shooters, but Fever has started master class this season and why this is not the case. Is shown. With the Fowler under the post, Glasgow is confident and easy to shoot two points. And it seems that mistakes are on the side of deliberately shortening them to keep them out of the court due to Fowler’s hands and the opposite throw-in. Of course, not everything drops, but the fact that Fowler gets rebounds most of the time and Glasgow is willing to stand them up causes the defender to cover more of the goal circle and both shooters move. Create more space for.

This season also showed the super way more than any other season Netball Teams can succeed without the need for a large number of stars. The west coast also best characterizes this. Goalkeeper Fowler and goalkeeper Captain Courtney Bruce are the only international players with experience. Goal Defense Sunday Ayan only made her diamond debut earlier this year, and the other first seven players have not been nominated for this year’s national team.

In contrast, Vixens will welcome five of the first seven players to play in the Commonwealth Games later this month. It’s evidence that the game is evolving, allowing players to have a solid and memorable career as a domestic netballer, perhaps without playing on the national team. It also shows how leagues and their rule changes have moved away from international matches. Players such as Teague-Neeld, Glasgow, and Simmons have become experts in playing super netball instead of traditional netball.

Sunday’s Grand Final is unlikely to go down in history as one of the great games of the sport, but it talks a lot about the nature of Australia’s netball in 2022 and how clubs work on recruitment and tactics in the future. May change.

West Coast Break Title Duck After Not Touched by Super Netball Uproar | Super Netball

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