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Weather in Brisbane, Sydney: Forecasts of nasty storms and rain.It’s hot in Darwin in Perth

“Stormy weather” and “intense” weather will head east in the coming days as changes are wiped out. But in the west, it will reach almost 40C.

East Coast Swaths can be hit by “especially annoying” storms in the coming days, and can also rain heavily.

Sydney, Brisbane and Canberra can all be hit by heavy rains in Melbourne.

“At this event, we saw a total of up to 200 millimeters. This is most likely to occur on the south coast of New South Wales, but could be from eastern Sydney to Sydney, inland. But we see a lot of drops. ” Sky news weather Meteorologist Rob Sharp.

“These storms occur on the left, right, and center.”

Meanwhile, heat waves are protracted in the weeks northwest before the monsoon begins.And Perth was able to see blisters weather Hit 38C later in the week.

In the eastern endorheic, thunder is already ringing this week.

A cool change that passed Victoria and Tasmania on Tuesday. The storm is probably in eastern Victoria, heading south of New South Wales.

In Melbourne, it rains on weekends before it rains on Wednesdays and Thursdays. The maximum temperature is in the early teens, and the minimum temperature rises secretly when it exceeds 10 degrees Celsius, but the temperature is on the rise. You can see 28C on Sunday and less than 32C on Monday.

In the east, where Bairnsdale is projected to reach 15mm on Wednesday and up to 30mm on Thursday, it will rain heavily. The rain may not be completely clear until Sunday.

It is partially cloudy in Hobart, with a maximum temperature of mid-teens and a minimum temperature of around 10 degrees Celsius, but little or no rain. It peaks at 21 ° C on Sundays.

The drama is centered in New South Wales, but there are regular storms, including Sydney on Tuesday afternoon.

On Tuesday evening, cool changes should head to the East Coast and cool on Wednesday.

“The endorheic region has been hit by stormy weather, with particularly bad weather in central New South Wales and southeastern Queensland until Wednesday. Heavy thunderstorms have occurred in these areas, Wednesday night. Moisture actually accumulates in the area, “Sharp said.

Inland and coastal areas of New South Wales can see “intense meteorological systems” that are likely to be deep coastal valleys or cyclones from Thursday to Friday.

The heaviest waterfall may be on the south coast of New South Wales. Bega expects up to 20mm on Wednesday, 40-80mm on Thursday and another 40mm on Friday.

It’s raining in Sydney until the weekend.

It can be 15mm on Wednesdays and 8-25mm on Thursdays. Temperatures on Tuesday have dropped from 27 degrees Celsius and have been relatively stable since then, with a minimum temperature of 16 degrees Celsius and a maximum temperature of 23 degrees Celsius.

Canberra, like Sydney, will be a decisive feature with 30-70 mm of rain by Friday. Temperatures drop from today’s mid-twenties highs to teens’ highs for the rest of the week, with lows around 10 degrees Celsius.

In Brisbane, it could be a storm for the next few days. There will be a fall of up to 10m on Wednesday, followed by a shower to end the week. Toast in Sunshine reached 32 ° C on Thursday and not well below 30 ° C on weekends. The lows at dawn are still above 20 ° C.

A storm can occur this week in the southeastern part of the state, but further north it should remain dry at its maximum in the mid-30s.

Darwin is hotter and mercury peaks at 34 ° C on Wednesday. There is a possibility of a storm every day.

It gets even hotter in Perth, where the 38C could be a bit hit on a scorching Wednesday. Thankfully, by Thursday and mid-20s, temperatures will begin to drop to 34 degrees Celsius by Friday and Saturday. Summer temperatures are expected to reach 24 degrees Celsius on Wednesday mornings.

It is mild and dry in Adelaide, with a maximum temperature of 20 degrees on Wednesday, rising to 25 degrees on Friday, but 36 degrees on Sunday. The low is about 10 ° C, but it rises over the course of the week.

Initially published as follows Storms and up to 200mm rain, “heavy” stormy weather expected

Weather in Brisbane, Sydney: Forecasts of nasty storms and rain.It’s hot in Darwin in Perth

Source link Weather in Brisbane, Sydney: Forecasts of nasty storms and rain.It’s hot in Darwin in Perth

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