“We won’t be misunderstood”: Crown Guarantee Regulator Perth Casino was not involved in a money laundering scandal

Crown has assured Western Australian regulators that Perth Casino has not been involved in money laundering after an explosive scandal in its 2019 report.

The guard dog swallowed the guarantee, believing it “will not be misunderstood.”

That year’s 60 Minutes report reports a detailed claim that Chinese high rollers linked to the triad were pouring huge amounts of cash into Australian game giants through a “junket tour.” ..

Last year, a New South Wales survey revealed evidence of what had happened over the years at Crown’s Melbourne and Perth venues, and Patricia Burgin showed that the company “blinded” its blatant conduct. , Washington and Victoria.

In a Perth investigation on Monday, I heard that the Gaming Commission immediately demanded a formal response from Crown to nine exposures.

“They … tried to ensure that they challenged the elements of the story and that Crown Perth did not receive accusations of a nature similar to that outlined in the program. Melbourne,” Washington. Former director of the state’s local government, the Department of Sport, Culture and Industry, Duncan Aude, testified.

“We are aware that our business in China ended in 2016, and from Crown, most of the accusations were historic and we took steps to remedy the risks posed by them. Was guaranteed.

“At that stage … we believed that we wouldn’t be misunderstood about those issues.”

Camera iconFormer Supreme Bureaucrat Duncan Aude is currently submitting evidence twice on the Royal Commission.Colin Marty / Australian credit: News Corp Australia

He said regulators “take a follow-up and approach” for follow-up by federal financial crime regulator AUSTRAC on issues in Perth.

He denied that WA regulators had uncritically accepted Crown’s response.

“We admitted that we were telling the truth,” GWC chair Aude told the investigation.

But he finally agreed with testimony from last week’s successor, Ranny Chopping. Crown enjoys “excessive trust”, which means that GWC and the department are “not suspicious” as they should be.

“I think it’s a reasonable view to adopt a new DG. If we play the opposite role, we’ll probably do the same,” Aude said.

Supporting lawyers put more pressure on them.

“I asked you if you agree with the evidence,” she said.

“And I said so,” Aude counterattacked.

The Royal Commission also heard that it took about three years to complete the compliance review (assessing Crown’s regulatory oversight), and Mr. Aude said of “sectoral labor pressure,” including meeting “various election promises.” He said he had stalled because of.

In August 2017, when Mr. Aude took the highest position in the regulatory agency as part of a radical merger of the McGowan government’s government departments, estimates were given for six to eight months.

Royal Commission
Camera iconOrd’s successor told the investigation that he wasn’t happy with Crown’s improper claim of tax credits at the Perth venue, as he did at a casino in Melbourne last week.Tony McDonough credit: News Corp Australia

“We were always going to get the job done. As I said, there was a series of delays caused by the pressure the department was experiencing in various other areas,” Ord said. ..

“Especially, we’ve had big inquiries about liquor licenses and important legislative changes are underway. We had to prioritize those issues from time to time because of the endangered lives. . “

Ord said external auditors will be working in mid-to-late 2020 to speed up the review.

“I was worried that I hadn’t done everything I needed.”

“Three years later? Mr. Kay Hill interrupted.

“As GWC chair, do you accept that you did not do enough to ensure the progress and completion of the compliance review during your tenure?” She then asked.

“Looking back, I could have tried to prioritize it over other issues,” Aude replied.

“But I am convinced that the current audit program for Crown’s activities is appropriate, risk is managed, and this work is appropriate to modernize and improve risk monitoring as needed. I claim I was doing it. We will respond and do it as soon as possible. “

Sunrise weather
Camera iconA survey in New South Wales has left Crown without a game license for a new $ 2.2 billion development in Sydney’s Barangaroo. NCA NewsWire / Gaye Gerard credit: News Corp Australia

Mr. Aude will resign in May and will retire in August, noting that he had no experience in casino regulation before taking on the dual role of GWC and the department shortly after his first testimony at the Royal Commission. I admitted.

In February, GWC Chief Casino Officer Michael Connolly fell after it was revealed that he had a long-standing fishing friendship with members of Crown’s legal and compliance team.

At the time, Aude said Connolly had previously declared a relationship and stood aside simply to avoid “recognition of conflicts of interest.”

Last month, the Royal Commission heard Connolly and Crown employees engaged in an exaggerated “bunter” by email arranging a fishing trip on his boat. He jokingly named it “Goodship Compliance.”

“The typical theme of these emails was to blame one or more of the groups for being inhumane and in trouble with their wives,” Cahill said at the time.

In one, Connolly wrote, “I put on my pants at his house and asked for and received permission to oversleep in Jurien (Bay).”

“What are you talking about with the rest of you? If you like, can I put it in a school bag and send a note to my house?” Cahill read from the email.

“Did everyone receive the permits in turn, or do they postpone until the sex reassignment surgery is complete?”

“We won’t be misunderstood”: Crown Guarantee Regulator Perth Casino was not involved in a money laundering scandal

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