We need to make Australia a better place for children and raise them

Third, families need help from their neighborhood. They need to talk quickly and often with local nurses, doctors, and other people who can help them, from playgroups to swimming schools. When help comes from people you know and trust, it’s easier to accept, and it comes from someone who already understands how you live.

NS Better start report We propose a guarantee for toddlers and families. This is a national reform agenda that will take 10 years to complete. Some will try to dismiss this as lofty and ambitious, but the strength, diversity and momentum of the groups that support these reforms are that they are entirely within our reach. Is shown.

Currently, Australian families have to choose between a child and a New Inton

Warranty includes more paid parental leave (up to 12 months) shared between partners, free or low cost quality education and care for at least 3 days (up to 30 hours) as soon as the family wants. Includes (including preschool for the first two years), universal and consistent access to maternal and child health across the country (including additional home visits), to find and access appropriate support Wraparound “Navigator” services for families in need of additional assistance, and early learning to elementary school.

Guarantees are a credible qualification for all young Australian children and their families, regardless of where they live or how much money they have.

This guarantee is approved, among other things, by Early Childhood Australia, the Australian Business Council, former Treasury Secretary Ken Henry, and the National Children’s Commission. It is backed by unions representing early childhood workers, major charities, and respected researchers who have spent their lives researching these areas.


Guarantees may not seem true to parents who are juggling the stress that the current system imposes on their families. That’s right now. But when we get there, it’s very normal – just like going to a local school when you’re 5 or going to a doctor when you get sick, it’s a basic expectation. ..

That means a lot of investment, but profits are worth it, and within generations, guarantees are lower health and crime claims, rewarding, safe work in early childhood education, and smarter, better. A prosperous country that receives a lot of taxes and is more than paying itself.

But that’s not the only prize. Much more valuable than money is the experience of living in Australia, the best place in the world to become a child and raise a child.

Leslie Roble is a Co-Chair of the Infant Development Council, a Policy Development Fellow and Industry Professor at UTS. Travers McLeod is the CEO of the Policy Development Center.

We need to make Australia a better place for children and raise them

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