Wayne Bennett reveals his “greatest challenge” as a dolphin coach

Wayne Bennett believes that getting the right people in the club will be an important challenge for him as head coach of Dolphins.

This week was the coach who won the Premiership seven times Announced as the man leading the 17th franchise of the NRL When they entered the competition in 2023.

Among other tasks, Bennett takes just over 12 months to put together a play roster and coaching staff that can compete in the NRL.

Talk to ABC grandstand On Saturday, Bennett revealed where his focus was.

“Getting the right people. That’s my biggest challenge, both inside and outside the field,” he said.

Bennett, the first coach of Broncos after Broncos entered the tournament in 1988, said he couldn’t expect a smooth voyage with dolphins, but how they deal with the challenges will determine their success. rice field.

“Not everything will work on the first day, but I believe the club has the right people, especially with the chairman. The board and CEO,” he said.

“We will suffer some bumps and bruises and will have some disappointments and some difficult times, but that’s what makes the team-all together when you experience those times. If you stay at.

“Failure is inevitable when you pull away.

“There was a tough time in Broncos at the time. Three years later, they couped me and got me a bag because I couldn’t win the Premiership.

“We faced it. If we didn’t face it, we would have been confused and couldn’t achieve everything we had achieved.”

Bennett briefly talked about his hiring plan At a press conference on Thursday, he explained in a little more detail about the types of players he targets.

“Don’t give up, men with no history looking for soft options,” Bennett said.

“It’s not just talent, it’s not just that.”

Despite teaching Broncos to six Premierships, Bennett’s relationship with the club deteriorated.

On Saturday he said he didn’t have to light the club in front of him as a new kid in town, but he countered the proposal to poach players from Brisbane after he left during the week.

“My goal is to make dolphins the best possible. If you’re focusing on other people or other clubs, that won’t happen,” Bennett said.

“I’m not constantly distracted by what they’re doing and not doing. I wasn’t interested and didn’t care at all.

“It (rivals) only builds itself. Fans build it. It’s not what I build.”

Wayne Bennett reveals his “greatest challenge” as a dolphin coach

Source link Wayne Bennett reveals his “greatest challenge” as a dolphin coach

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