WA’s first lawyer is unaware of Crown Commissioner Stokeslink, but that’s okay

Prior to his appointment, Quigley’s spokeswoman said Owen had declared a relationship with a state law firm that was in charge of the Attorney General’s duties.

“Following the normal process, all future commissioners will be required to complete a conflict of interest declaration with a state law firm,” she said.

“The government was unaware of any disputes that would prevent Owen from equitably controlling the Royal Commission.

“SSO today advised the Attorney General that Mr. Owen disclosed his personal and business relationship with Mr. Stokes.”

Mark Magawan said he knew the friendship between Owen and Stokes on Monday. That is, neither the prime minister nor the state solicitor’s office told Mr. Quigley.

Owen consistently states that he does not believe his relationship with Stokes had any effect on his role on the Commission.


When asked about his role at Mercury Corporate and Redlake Enterprises on Monday, he refused to comment further.

“I have publicly declared a relationship with the Chairman of Seven West Media, which is not the subject of this investigation. There is nothing more to add,” he said.

This issue is becoming an increasingly headache for McGowan, who has been a vigorous defender of Owen’s appointment.

At a brief press conference on Tuesday, the Prime Minister reiterated that Perth was too small to avoid a relationship like Mr. Stokes and Mr. Owen.

“If you want to have a Royal Commission that no one knows, you’ll probably have to go to the Royal Commission from Iceland,” he said.

“Conflicts of interest should actually be a little closer than that. That is, seriously.

“”[Mr Stokes] Not sitting on Crown’s board, not sitting on Star Casino’s board. That is, I think you have the point, but I don’t understand it. “

Opposition leader Mia Davies said there were questions to answer as to how much Magawan was involved in the appointment and what he knew.

“They are governments that have said they maintain the gold standard of transparency. On this very important issue, we would expect the Prime Minister to put himself in the same category,” she said. ..


The Royal Commission of Perth Casino is suitable for Crown to hold a license for the only casino in Western Australia after an independent survey in New South Wales found evidence of money laundering and criminal activity in Australia. We are investigating whether or not there is.

Seven West Media also has some business relationships with Crown.The casino operator sponsored a local current affairs show on Channel Seven flash point Donated millions of dollars to a Telethon charity started by Seven Perth.

Transparency International Australia CEO Serena Lily White believed that Owen could successfully fulfill her duties as a commissioner, but the perception of conflicts of interest is the same as in a real conflict. He said it could cause as much damage.

“I think even the perception of conflicts of interest, whether it is real or perceived on these issues, can undermine public confidence and confidence in the Royal Commission,” she said. I did.

” [Mr Stokes] Given that Crown is a major sponsor of the Seven West Media program, in fact he may not own a casino that has a very strong relationship with Crown. “

Lily White rejected McGowan’s claim that Perth was too small to avoid such a relationship.

“Perth may be a small town, and it may be difficult for well-known individuals to know each other, but a large scale of highly skilled and talented individuals who may have been able to play that role. There are many pools all over the country, “she said.

WA’s first lawyer is unaware of Crown Commissioner Stokeslink, but that’s okay

Source link WA’s first lawyer is unaware of Crown Commissioner Stokeslink, but that’s okay

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