Warriors help Reese Walsh fight back against Raiders

Warriors assistant coach Justin Morgan urged fans to remember that full-back Reese Walsh was a teenager, but kept his kicking obligation ahead of his winning showdown with the Raiders this Friday. Helped the rookie to do.

Walsh has been in the spotlight after a slight defeat to Brisbane on Sunday after a tough afternoon from the kick tee.

Warriors coach Nathan Brown bounces back in support of 18-year-old player, Halfback Chad Townsend gave young people words of encouragement After defeat.

Morgan told the media Thursday that he reminded fans that Walsh was still in the first year of top flight.

“He was disappointed, and he learned some lessons about it,” he said.

“We need to remember that our child is 18 years old. He is learning games in a very difficult position at a very young age.

“He worked hard on his game this week.

“Often, 18-year-olds learn lessons at the Queensland Cup and drip into the NRL, so it’s a difficult lesson to learn.

“Everyone knows that he is a special talent and is learning on the biggest stage. He will be better with it. Expect him to bounce.”

Asked if Walsh is expected to take on too much responsibility, Morgan said it was all part of the learning process.

“That’s fair. It’s great that he wants to take on that responsibility,” he said.

“Big game players have big moments in big games.

“Whether or not going to that field goal was the right decision, we can discuss that decision, but the fact that he framed himself is great.

“They are some of the lessons he is learning.”

The Warriors, sitting in 11th place at the table, have a chance to be in the top eight mathematically, but they need a lot of results to move on.

Morgan said the focus of the side was to finish the season as well as on the ladder.

“It’s a little in our hands, a little in someone else’s hands,” he said.

“I definitely got it completely last week, but I have to win the next two games and I need one or two results.

“We are still optimistic.

“I haven’t talked much about the playoffs themselves. I talked more about how well the season ended and what went well.”

Warriors help Reese Walsh fight back against Raiders

Source link Warriors help Reese Walsh fight back against Raiders

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