WANNEROO highlights WAU flaws

By Josh Nevett

After a disastrous round at the Waneru Raceway, he returned to the Walkinshaw Andretti United drawing board at the Supercars Championship.

The duo of Chaz Mostert and Nick Perca couldn’t get a bad result at Perth Super Night and couldn’t make it into the top 10 in any session, but the rival team thrived on a unique circuit.

Mostert finished the race in 22nd, 12th and 19th Perca was 21, 18 and 15 years oldthThe championship ranking will be shifted in both directions and the round will end.

The former, who has paved the way for WAU, is now 342 points behind leader Schoenbangisbergen, despite winning two races at Albert Park.

Speaking throughout the weekend, Mostert wasn’t sure why the performance was slow, but he promised the team would do everything possible to restore the speed of the WAU Holden Commodore.

“For some reason, this weekend’s track highlights a huge problem for us,” Mostert admitted.

“Sure, there were only a handful this weekend. There were no nuts or bolts that didn’t touch # 25.”

Parkat was particularly shocked by the pace of qualifying and started from the back of the field on each of the three encounters.

“I’m not sure what to say,” Parkat said on Saturday.

“It’s difficult, it’s bad, it’s legal for both of us. I don’t think it should be the last.

“The lap time has skyrocketed and it’s okay. That’s us.”

After Sunday, the mood was similar as WAU tried to overhaul the car and eventually it was barely produced.

Engineer Adam Deborre explained that the usual solution failed and forced him to be creative.

“Our regular tools aren’t working,” Deborre said.

“We need to come up with different ways to achieve the same goal.

“You’ve always been close to your history and spent most of yesterday evading our base. Now you’re probably 5% away and you’re looking for new ground.

“If you can’t win, you need to learn.”

WAU came in 6th in the team championship, and Mostert and Percat came in 5th and In the order of each driver.

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WANNEROO highlights WAU flaws

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