WAMP laptop content that could “ruin your career” at CCC by the weekend

The CCC then released its December report. Watchdog argued that he was concerned that he might have access to his laptop, not because of Congressional privileges, but because he could portray members in an unpleasant light. ..

The interception included in the report said Edman told another former member that the House of Councilors was good, and that Mr. Dust had a computer.

“Once she gets a laptop, I think she probably needs to chuck it on the Swan River … maybe she should … just in case you need it for those who offend you. , You always have a small file off. “

In another excerpt to a businessman, the report states that Edman told him. A nice little collection I have there. “

McKenny’s term as a member ended in April last year, but the parliamentary commission that appoints him (including two Labor Party members, Green and Liberal) was unable to make a decision to renew his work. rice field.

The members of the committee were changed to include two Labor members, the people and another Liberal Party, but failed to reach a decision and the government used a majority of both houses to revive corrupt fighters. Was passed.


Judge Steven Holl of the Supreme Court decided in July what to submit in July, although most of the material requested by the CCC was not considered privileged in connection with Ms. Doust’s actions. It was decided that it was the responsibility of.

He suggested that a memorandum should be prepared to overcome the controversy and future challenges.

Last week, two MOUs were enacted between Congress with the Western Australian Police and the CCC, and Quigley withdrew the Supreme Court’s objection.

Alana Crohesy, the new president of the House of Councilors, said Tuesday that she had reached a decision of about 500,000 items in a review of the evidence sought by the CCC.

She said the House of Councilors’ Privileges Committee is currently working with the Commission’s digital forensic staff to make electronic copies of non-privileged material by the weekend.

WAMP laptop content that could “ruin your career” at CCC by the weekend

Source link WAMP laptop content that could “ruin your career” at CCC by the weekend

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