Wallabies player rating, Australia defeats Argentina, Townsville and Samu Kerevi, analysis, highlights

Dave Lenny summarized Wallabies’ performance.

The Wallabies boss was happy with the victory, but was disappointed that his side didn’t get rid of Argentina first.

There was no stage where the wallabies seemed to lose, but they left a lot of points there and bombed a couple of attempts.

Did the jersey clash play a role?

At a post-match press conference, ruthless Lenny demanded that “there needs to be better.”

“I don’t know if dark green and dark blue influenced the boys’ decisions, but from the second floor there was a clear draw and pass opportunity to free someone.

“There is a chance that you will be in a bad mood in the post-win reviews.

Dave Lenny was happy with the victory, but wants Wallaby to do more.Photo: Getty ImagesSource: Getty Images

“We’re definitely happy to win. We played well tonight, but for the good side like Argentina, we have to get out of the contest if we get the chance. As I said. , They dominated it. In the third 20, if they scored again, it would have been arm wrestling. “

Here is the player’s rating Wallabies defeats Los Pumas 28-8 in Townsville..

Reece Hodge-6.5

After a reasonable return to the full back jersey, you will need to re-wear the No. 15 jersey.

Once again, Hodge was sometimes targeted in the air, spilling the ball once or twice, and being beaten in someone else’s contest.

A penalty was imposed in the 54th minute for tackling the player from the ground.

However, Hodge’s hand was great with a ball-in-hand, he linked well with Andrew Kellaway and sometimes had great draws and passes.

Hodge’s well-made attempt in 5 minutes also demonstrated his strength and ability to straighten the line.

Reece Hodge broke the tackle on his way to the try line.Photo: Getty ImagesSource: Getty Images

Andrew Kellaway-8

Another perfect game from the Wallabies Wing.

There were a few strong carries in the first half, including 29 and 36 minutes. In his second run, he chipped and chased to win a wallaby lineout near the opposite line.

In the second half, Keraway left with another search run in the 57th minute.

James O’Connor ran inside the flat ball and scored in the 70th minute.

Keraway almost crossed for a short while when Ren Ikitau unleashed him.

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Ren Ikitau-8

Like Keraway, Ikitau is doing business.

A few days after the re-contract with Rugby Australia until 2023, Ikitau backed it up with a strong performance.

His rush defense forced an error that led to an attempt to open Wallabies to Hodge.

He then managed to attack Quade Cooper’s grabber prior to Samu Kerevi’s attempt.

He defeated three defenders in the phone booth, so he had a spider in the 49th minute.

Then, in the 72nd minute, Ikiatsu ran a stunning line inside Tom Robertson, splitting the defense and unleashing Keraway.

The only downside to the impressive outside center was that it didn’t leave the tackle in the 51st minute.

Ren Ikitau was once again great for Wallabies.Photo: Getty ImagesSource: Getty Images

Samu Kerevi-8.5

When you run the tape, you will find one or two errors. Even after some line breaks, when you look at the players who change the game, they only look like Kerevi.

The big inner center was the big difference between the two sides.

Kerevi always put his wallaby on the gain line and broke through on a regular basis.

Also, when the wallaby needed to move someone forward on the truck, he managed to take the settlers.

Kerevi made two line breaks within 15 minutes of the opening, and the first setup was Hodge’s attempt. The second he spilled trying to offload.

In the 19th minute, Kerevi reached out and scored after Ikitau successfully recollected Cooper’s grabber.

He also ran over Argentina’s No. 10 Santiago Carreras.

One useless kick was taken in the 34th minute and the ball was unnecessarily stolen, but Kerevi was otherwise great.

Marika Colobete-7.5

Another of the backlines that was classy all night.

Defensively, Koloybete stopped the wave of threatening attacks when Argentinean full-back Juan Cruz’s lead went off the line in the 39th minute.

The Koroybete had limited opportunities to reach 5th gear, but the Wallabies wings were busy all night.

Quade Cooper led Wallaby to three consecutive victories.Getty ImagesSource: Getty Images

Quade Cooper-7.5

I haven’t seen Cooper make a difference yet. This is what modern 10 needs to be able to do, but Wallabies playmakers are still in business.

What stands out is Cooper’s decision-making.

It would be nice to have Kerevi outside, but the 33-year-old is mature in the 10th jersey.

His magical kick, with Ikitau gathering right in front of the line in the 19th minute, was great.

Cooper was replaced after 56 minutes.

Nick White-7

In the first half, the speed to White’s breakdown was very important for Wallabies to steal the ball quickly.

His ration was top notch.

He showed the tenacity to jump to the ball behind the scrum after the scrum came out. This supplemented the complete kickout following the first point of Puma’s night.

Rob Valetini-7.5

He was penalized early from the kick restart for the escort.

However, Valetini had a good night on both sides of the ball, tackled 11 and carried the ball eight times.

Michael Hooper headed for Wallaby again from the front.Photo: Getty ImagesSource: Getty Images

Michael Hooper (c)-7.5

After latching on Folau Fainga’a, he was penalized 11 minutes for releasing his foot.

Hooper, like Valetini, was great on both sides of the ball and was as busy as ever.

His 77-minute shot at Tomás Lavanini showed his incredible power.

However, Hooper couldn’t get the ball long enough in the event of a breakdown.

Rob Leota-6.5

A promising debut start for the rebel back lower.

In the first half, Leota regularly held the ball with both hands, showed a silky touch, and showed off his skill set.

On the ball he offered a strong breakdown presence and was also a lineout option.

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The pair of Isaac Rodda (L) and Matt Philip (R) in the second row of Wallabies matches Puma.Photo: Getty ImagesSource: Getty Images

Matt Philip-7

One of Philip’s outstanding performances this year, Philip offered an excellent ball carrier and showed some nice moves to find Kerevi in ​​the 28th minute.

Izack Rodda-7

A nice exchange of Leota, Pass and Hand in 20 minutes opening

50 minutes penalty for side entry in case of failure.

However, Roda was defensive and his lineout work was top class in the first 80 minutes of performance after returning to Australia.

Taniela Tupou-6.5

We saw Tupou’s best and worst against Argentina.

Still, what he offered was destructive.

An Argentine defender knocked out the ball, and Tupou knocked out 16 minutes into the set piece.

Then, in the 42nd minute, he tried a breakdown steal and was penalized for putting his hand on the ground.

He was also punished for falling in the 62nd minute.

But otherwise, Tupou was still huge with the ball and made 45 meters from eight carries, including defeating three defenders.

Taniera Tupou (R) of Australia spent a chaotic night. Photo: AFPSource: AFP

Folau Fainga-6.5

Wallabies Hooker wasn’t as destructive as Tupou, but he did some important involvement, including a loose ball dive, after Ikitau’s rush defense. His presence led to Wallaby’s counterattack and Hodge’s opening round.

However, there were one or two lineouts that missed the mark and knock-on on a half-time stroke.

James Slipper-6

The Slippers, which were replaced early in the second half, had some important carry.

In Scrum, veteran looseheads competed with their opponents.

James O’Connor has successfully returned to national colors.Photo: Getty ImagesSource: Getty Images


Feleti Kaitu’u-5

The lineout was lost in the 75th minute and Darcy Swain was beaten at the front due to incorrect timing.

Angus Bell-6.5

There were some very good hit-ups and he turned his side up in Scrum.

Tom Robertson-6

Great little cameo after exchanging Tupou in 68 minutes.

In the 72nd minute there was a beautiful ball to beat Ikitau, in the 77th minute there was a desperate defense, and in the 80th minute he won a scrum penalty.

Darcy Swain-6

He succeeded Philip and made a major contribution to the mall. There he managed to swim and get Julian Montoja to win the Scrum.

However, 73 minutes into the lineout was a bit sloppy, leading to an error with Hooper.

Pete Sam-6

Once again, Sam came in and infused some pace into the game and had some strong carry.

Tate McDermott-6.5

McDermott replaced White in the middle of the second half and immediately injected a running threat.

That was the ideal time, and if Wallaby seized the opportunity, McDermott’s speed would have been one of the reasons.

James O’Connor-6

He nailed his first penalty 60 minutes after replacing Cooper.

O’Connor made one nice inside pass to Keraway to score.

In his first match since May 29th, O’Connor looked comfortable, but he should have been able to try out his two teammates. Kerevi unmarked in the 72nd minute. McDermott in 75 minutes.

Jordan Petaia-N / A

He participated in the match in the second half of the match, but showed a threatening run once every 75 minutes.

Wallabies player rating, Australia defeats Argentina, Townsville and Samu Kerevi, analysis, highlights

Source link Wallabies player rating, Australia defeats Argentina, Townsville and Samu Kerevi, analysis, highlights

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