Wallabies’ evaluation against Japan, quade cooper, video, highlights, analysis

They are far from clinical, Wallabies did enough to beat Japan 32-23 in Oita.

Years later, it’s probably the game they would have lost.

Just last year, Wallaby continued to draw with Argentina.

A year later, the wallaby had the maturity to win it all together.

The victory will be Wallabies’ five consecutive victories, which will give them full confidence and momentum towards three UK test tours.

But how did the player rate it?

Wallaby records 5 consecutive victories | 01:33

Reece Hodge-N / A

Replaced after 15 minutes due to Peck’s injury.

Hodge will fly to the UK with a wallaby, but his participation will depend on the degree of injury from the scan to check the severity of the next few days.

Tom Light-7.5

Wright, who returned to the starting lineup for the first time since the match against France, was energetic and dangerous.

Wright recorded an opening try and ran a great line from Quade Cooper in the 8th minute.

He was penalized for entering from the side in the 34th minute, but otherwise it was very good.

Wright also got on the ball and won a serious penalty as Japan tried to take the lead in the second half of the first half in the 37th minute.

Then, in the 47th minute, he made a decisive charge, and Wallaby counterattacked on the next run, winning the ball at a critical moment.

Ren Ikitau-6.5

Very healthy defensively, Ikitau was hungry for possession.

But prior to Wallaby’s fourth attempt, his lovely pick-and-go and off-road to Nick White was a surprising involvement.

Wallabies flock after defeating Japan.Photo: Getty ImagesSource: Getty Images

Hunter Paisami-6

Wearing Samu Kerevi’s lofty shoes has always been a big challenge, especially without rugby for more than a month.

Overall, Paisami carried well, but has not yet played with the same calm and physical control that Kerevi did in the attack.

Unfortunately, Paisami’s grabber kick did not come off in the 47th minute, and there was a number outside.

Still, at a post-match press conference, Lenny categorically claimed that there was plenty of space in the backfield and wanted more kicks. It results in communication and conversation.

In defense, Paisami surpassed the tackle count by 12.

Andrew Kellaway-6.5

After many attempts, Kellaway was forced to shift to full back, with few mistakes.

He failed one attack near his 22-meter line, but unfortunately he couldn’t release the ball when tackled, which exacerbated the mistake. The mistake brought a penalty to Japan.

Otherwise, Kellaway was very safe and Jordan Petaia delivered the ball to Platter to score in the 22nd minute.

He then made a nice pickup from Petaia’s boot lace and tip and chase. The involvement delayed Wallaby’s camp in half of Japan at the time of his death, delaying Conal Makinani’s attempt to block the victory.

Quade Cooper takes a line on the ball prior to Tom Wright’s attempt.Photo: Getty ImagesSource: Getty Images

Quade Cooper-7

Cooper was strong, except for his intercept pass.

He showed an aspect of his game that this year wasn’t there, and it was necessary.

Without Kerevi’s direct run, Cooper needed to take more lines, and he did.

It led to an early line break to Rob Valetini, shortly after which an attempt was made to open to Wright.

There was a torn ball in the 10th minute, which also led to interception.

His timing of the pass to Kellaway prior to Petaia’s attempt was also top notch.

But Cooper was exceptional even under highball-it wasn’t always his strength.

Wallaby records 5 consecutive victories | 01:33

Nick White-6.5

White’s kick game was great overall, and Wallaby had a strong opening in the 50th minute with an experienced halfback on the field.

Rob Valetini was great for the wallaby.Photo: Getty ImagesSource: Getty Images

Rob Valetini-8

Wallabies No. 8 was close to the best player.

Valetini ran with confidence, he was sometimes hand-handled and was the most dominant forward on the field.

Valetini widened the ball and imposed a significant breakdown penalty, which preserved his best involvement until the end, leading to Makinani’s attempt.

Michael Hooper (c) -7

Hooper, who is strong in defense, went to Japan to look for more balls.

After a fall from Folau Folau, he received a breakdown penalty of once every 21 minutes. The next play led to Petaia’s widespread trials.

Rob Leota-7

Some great runs, including 39 minutes when he made a big difference with a 118kg body.

His soaring caused Wallaby to break the gain line, resulting in a penalty and Cooper imposing a significant penalty.

Leota also recorded Wallabies’ fourth try.

Rob Leota was very good at the second start of Wallabies.Photo: Getty ImagesSource: Getty Images

Matt Philip-6.5

Philip was replaced in the 53rd minute and was busy playing set pieces with both sides of the ball.

He stole the lineout in 11 minutes.

But Philip also carried the ball well.

Izack Rodda-6.5

In the 80 minute performance, there was a little bit of everything from Roda.

He did well early on, but then missed the resumption of the kick that allowed Japan to score the first point of the afternoon.

He also stole the lineout in the 29th minute.

He was punished for not rolling down in the 71st minute.

But Roda was finally there, leading the way and pulling in Makinani to record the Rolling Mall attempt.

Taniela Tupou-7

Tupou retired in the afternoon after Leota tried in the 53rd minute.

Earlier, he was pinged because he didn’t roll down in 28 minutes.

But in front of Scrum, wallabies dominated set pieces, mainly because of the big tight heads.

He also recorded a nice set piece attempt.

Folau Folau-7

One was a capsized lineout and the other caught Rodda’s fingertips, but there was a lot of great work around them.

It’s nothing more than a perfectly executed lineout set piece scored by Tupou.

James Slipper-7.5

The slippers were great for 53 minutes.

Scrum dominated Japan, his hands were good, and slippers were busy defending.

Head coaches Dave Lenny and Taniela Tupou.Photo: Getty ImagesSource: Getty Images


Conal Makinani-6

The lineout found the mark, recorded a try and made some tackles. All in a 10 minute cameo.

Angus Bell-5.5

With the advent of Bell and Allan Alaalatoa, Wallabies were penalized in Scrum.

Otherwise, the Wallabies loose head was healthy.

Allan Alaalatoa-5

It rusted a little after going out for the first time in a month.

Ala’alatoa was beaten with a scrum in the 59th minute and then lost the ball.

Darcy Swain-5

One or two minor errors in the attack.

Pete Sam-6

A wonderful little cameo off the bench.

Sam entered from the side of the rolling mall and won a scrum feed to the wallaby.

He also made a few strong runs in the attack.

Tate McDermott-5.5

McDermott’s strength was barely seen against Japan, as the latter half of the wallaby was a bit messy.

James O’Connor-N / A

I came in the last 5 minutes.

Jordan Petaia-8

Dominated the air and was great during the 65 minute performance.

Petaia is Wallaby’s best player in the air, and Hodge has doubts about the rest of the spring tour, so Lenny looks carefully behind his young outside.

Petaia scored a try in the 22nd minute.

But he ran with confidence and was safe with the ball.

Wallabies’ evaluation against Japan, quade cooper, video, highlights, analysis

Source link Wallabies’ evaluation against Japan, quade cooper, video, highlights, analysis

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