Waleed Ali’s brother Dr. Ahmad Ali warns Covid

Waleed Ali’s brothers of surgeons are lifting the lid of life in Melbourne’s Covid Ward – and he paints a chilling picture.

Waleed Ali’s brothers of surgeons enthusiastically pleaed unvaccinated people from within the Covid Ward in Melbourne, giving them insight into what can wait for sick and unvaccinated people. I did.

Dr. Ahmad Aly published the video on social media through Susan Carland, wife of Waleed Aly, a general surgeon and sister-in-law at Austin Hospital in Melbourne.

Carland tweeted that his brother-in-law was “desperately worried about what he was seeing in the hospital and to whom.”

This video was retweeted by Brett Sutton, Chief Health Officer of Victoria.

In the video, Dr. Ally visits the hospital’s intensive care unit (ICU) to hear a direct explanation from a doctor treating a Covid patient.

One doctor has revealed that he is treating 13 Covid patients in the ICU, many of whom are on ventilators and are all unvaccinated. He says no patients were vaccinated in the ICU.

“For normal ICU patients, one or two days is standard. Some of these patients stay with us for three to four weeks, which is very serious.

“After that serious illness … the legacy will last the rest of your life. The impact will stay with you for decades. People will never be exactly the same as before.”

“I’ve never seen so many pretty young people in the ICU, they all have one problem, and all are at high risk of dying,” the doctor said.

“The message is really clear,” says Dr. Aly. “They are young and unvaccinated. They all come from our community. If you are vaccinated, you can get infected with Covid, but it doesn’t end here. . You won’t get sick. “

Dr. Ally ended with a petition to a “community leader” to encourage those who dislike vaccines. Take the courage of the Prophets of the Companions. Get up for what is really right. You can save lives, so you can make a difference here. Without your help, we would be lost. To be honest, this is what I saw today. “

In 2018, Dr. Susan Carland dubbed her husband as a “family minor” when sharing another message on the health of her brother-in-law on social media.

In a 2015 interview, Waleed said of his senior 10-year-old brother: Sydney Morning Herald: “When I hear people say how great a surgeon he is, I find it strange because it’s not who he is to me. Still I’m not surprised. Life was excellence and determination from the beginning. Everything he does is somehow proud. “

In the same interview, Ahmad said, “Growing up, Wald has always been’Ahmad’s younger brother’.” Now I am the “Brother of Wald”. When I watch him on TV, I can still see him because there is no difference in his behavior. I certainly don’t see him as a “celebrity”. “

at first Waleed Ali’s Surgeon Brothers Desperate Covid’s Plea

Waleed Ali’s brother Dr. Ahmad Ali warns Covid

Source link Waleed Ali’s brother Dr. Ahmad Ali warns Covid

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