WA guard and two housemates test positive

Hotel quarantine guards in Perth tested positive for the coronavirus after being infected in the community for several days, said Prime Minister Mark Magawan.

A man in his twenties who worked at the Pan Pacific Hotel on April 24, 25, and 26 moved within the community between April 27 and 30 during a possible infection.

He received a positive test on Saturday morning and urged him and his seven cohabitants to be transferred to the hotel quarantine.

Two of the housemates tested positive-housemates from roommates and Canberra.

Despite the new incident, the Prime Minister of Western Australia said the blockade would not be called “at this time.”

“But this could change by tomorrow or the next day,” Magawan told reporters Saturday afternoon.

“This is a very difficult situation we are dealing with. We are effectively on standby.”

He said he was seeking time to perform contact tracing on Saturday and overnight before health officials decided on the need for a blockade.

The prime minister said that early detection of the incident, combined with WA’s provisional restrictions after a three-day blockade last weekend, and continued masking rules led to a decision to postpone another blockade. Said there is.

Authorities are underpinned by the fact that Perth and Peel residents are less likely to move within the community during the period of security guard infection.

McGowan said a slight relaxation of the rules for wearing outdoor masks at midnight on Friday would be rewound at 6 pm in Western Australia.

All residents of Perth and Peel are required to wear masks indoors and outdoors, regardless of their distance to others.

The guards worked on the same floor as some incidents confirmed at the Pan Pacific Hotel, but it is unknown how he was infected.

Regular testing of international arrivals at the hotel resulted in two positive cases from those who arrived at the hotel on April 24th. Both stayed on the same floor where the guards were working.

WA guard and two housemates test positive

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