WA bureaucrats are waiting for a $ 27 million theft decision

A shameful Western Australian civil servant who stole more than $ 27 million from the state was generous with his obsession with racehorses, but ultimately left nothing to his family.

Paul White, 58, is awaiting a decision in the Supreme Court of Western Australia after pleading guilty to 564 corruption and money laundering charges.

He admitted to mastermind the Corruption and Crime Commission, which states it is Australia’s largest corruption by civil servants.

When Judge Joseph McGrath heard the decision submitted, the former High Flyer appeared on Friday in the green of the prison via a video link from the detention center.

A prolific gambler, Whyte uses influential senior positions in WA’s public housing and community sector to make false invoices to a paper company where Whyte and others manage bank accounts. Approved payment.

Prosecutor Michael Kvetokoski said White had been engaged in “permanent, systematic and bold corruption for significant gains” for 11 years and 6 months before being arrested in 2019. Stated.

The total amount stolen from the state exceeded $ 27.4 million and the personal benefit to White exceeded $ 11 million.

“The state was not serviced for the bill,” the prosecutor said.

Several others have been charged in connection with the crime, but White has accepted the entire liability for the theft he used in his attempt to purchase extravagant property and build a “horse racing empire.” ..

“It was Mr White who caused this loss to the state,” Cvetkoski said.

“Without the authorities, the crime is likely to have continued,” he said.

White was interested in at least 111 racehorses and spent over $ 3 million on buying, breeding and maintaining them.

Attorney Michael Tudri likened his client to Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. A prominent civil servant veteran with a gambling addiction, the need to “focus on himself”, and the infamous affection associated with the involvement of racehorses.

White had $ 3,500 in his bank account when he was arrested. A few days later, after being granted bail, he tried to take his life.

“This guy expressed to me … how sorry he was to the people of Western Australia, and of course to his family,” Tsudori said.

“At the end of all this, his family is left with nothing.”

White bowed to hear the impact on his wife and three children. They now live in modest rentals after forcibly selling their homes.

His teenage daughter had to endure the “absolute public shame” of his crime.

Mr. Tsudori said White, who suffers from depression and other medical conditions, admitted that long-term imprisonment was inevitable.

He said his client showed genuine resentment and resentment and worked with the authorities.

However, prosecutors claimed that White was not “perfect and candid,” and sought to minimize the actions of his alleged accomplices until it became impossible to be called a witness in future trials. ..

White will be sentenced later on Friday.

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WA bureaucrats are waiting for a $ 27 million theft decision

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