Virus-infected Australians have access to televoting

Australians infected with COVID-19 will be able to vote in federal elections after last-minute changes in the law to expand televoting services.

The Australian Election Commission made changes on Friday after fears that thousands of people infected with the coronavirus would be excluded from voting in Saturday’s general election.

There was concern that many COVID-19-positive Australians could not meet the deadline for voting by mail and would not have the option of throwing ballots.

This announcement was made when NSW reported 10,084 positive COVID-19 cases during the latest reporting period, a slight decrease from the last 24 hours.

Ten people have died, 1226 have been hospitalized for the virus, and 41 are in the intensive care unit.

State Minister Ben Morton said voters who tested positive for COVID-19 after 6 pm on May 13 would have access to a telephone vote.

Registration for exercising voting rights over the phone is possible until 4 pm on Saturday.

“It is important that all Australians who are registered and eligible to vote can exercise their democratic rights, and this change ensures that,” Morton said.

AEC Commissioner Tom Rogers said voting by phone is a two-step process and requires obtaining a registration number before voting by phone.

He urged people who use the service to prepare when they call and anticipate delays as staff may “read the ballot effectively.”

“If people need to read the entire ballot, there will be a line, which guarantees that everyone can vote,” he told ABC Television.

Latest 24-hour COVID-19 data:

NSW: 10,084 cases, 10 cases, 1226 cases in hospital, 16 cases in ICU

Victoria: 12,556, 23, 514 in hospital, 35 in ICU

Virus-infected Australians have access to televoting

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