Village Daily Expands Export Sales Through New Financing

Village Dairy, a growing dairy maker in Gippsland, Victoria, is backing the state government to expand export sales through new equipment needed to meet growing demand from the Asian market next year. I have received it.

“Village Dairy is a wonderful success story for the region and we are proud to support the company to enable diversification, growth and job creation for the people of Latrobe Valley,” said Mary-Anne Thomas, Minister of Regional Development. Stated.

Cheese and yogurt makers expanded their business from Dandenong to Traralgon in 2019 after receiving initial government support. We produce a variety of yogurts such as pot sets, Indian curd, Ayran, Greek food, as well as cheeses such as mango lassi, paneer, feta cheese and haloumi.

“It’s exciting to see the continued development of this Traralgon business and the addition of new jobs. We will continue to support the Valley business, which creates jobs and boosts the economy,” said Eastern Victoria Harriet Singh. Members say.

Village Dairy recently received a $ 62,500 grant through the Regional Recovery Fund to upgrade its cool room and fulfill its largest deal ever. The company has hired four new staff and increased its workforce to up to 18 to get the equipment up and running and realize a favorable yogurt packaging contract. We plan to hire more staff next month.

“The Victoria State Government’s investment meant that it had the resources needed to fulfill its largest contract to date. To support the Latrobe Valley with plans for exports and capacity to Asia. We plan to do more work at Village Dairy, “said Gavin Hunter, Business Manager at Village Daily.

The Victoria State Government has provided a variety of funding to Village Dairy.

The Latrobe Valley Authority provided stamp duty reimbursement through an economic growth zone reimbursement scheme when a company purchased Traralgon’s former Brancourts site in 2019. As a result, 13 ex-Brancourts staff have been hired by Village Dairy.

Dairy manufacturers also benefit from the agricultural workforce program funding to semi-automate the cheese packaging process, allowing staff to work at a safe social distance from each other. This helped keep me working during the pandemic.

The Victoria State Government continues to invest heavily in Latrobe Valley to create new jobs and prosperous local economies for workers, their families and communities.

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Village Daily Expands Export Sales Through New Financing

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