Vicvirus chicken that technology surpasses

After half a century of service to keep Victorians safe from mosquito-borne viruses, state sentry chickens have been replaced by faster technology.

Agricultural Victoria and the Ministry of Health have developed a molecular test that directly screens mosquito samples.

It has been used to detect Ross River and Vermaforest viruses since 2019.

This means that the sentinel program in mosquito-prone areas along the Murray River and its tributaries, which has been in place since 1974, is redundant.

Weekly blood samples of chickens are tested by scientists to assess whether birds have been exposed to Murray Valley encephalitis virus or West Nile virus (subtype Kundin), and it may take several weeks for results to be obtained. Was often.

Many of the latest cohorts of 175 chickens are rehomed to the local community by herd managers.

A rapid risk assessment of mosquito-borne viruses takes place each year from mid-spring to autumn to monitor whether the risk requires public health warnings.

Vicvirus chicken that technology surpasses

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