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Victoria remains on the edge, but Melbourne breaks out of the coronavirus blockade

Victoria’s latest COVID-19 Challenge isn’t over yet, despite the end of the Melbourne blockade and further deregulation of the region.

When the relaxed rules came into effect Thursday midnight, health officials investigated how four members of the Melbourne family, whose association with the current outbreak was unknown, were positive for the virus. I was trying.

Victorian health officials began interviewing the couple late Thursday after traveling to Queensland via New South Wales, testing positive in these states and issuing health warnings. ..

Also on Thursday, virus wastewater detection was reported in the suburban Pascobert, Scoresby and Vermont areas.

Anyone who develops symptoms in these areas is required to be tested.

And 6 more Public exposure sites added to Melbourne’s Bundoora, Heidelberg and Thomastown, From May 28th to June 7th.

The relaxation of restrictions is proceeding as planned, but Melvernians will need to continue to wear masks indoors and outdoors.

Initially, masks were no longer required outdoors as long as social distance was maintained.

The four new cases on Thursday are from the same reservoir household in northern Melbourne.

They were men in their 80s, women in their 70s, men in their 50s, and men in their 20s.

One of the family members receives a disability pension and the other is their registered caregiver.

Deputy Chief Health Officer Allenchen said the family lived near the outbreak in Whittlesea, but had no close ties to previous cases and had never visited the listed exposure sites.

“These new incidents really remind us that we are not yet out of the forest,” said Professor Chen.

Authorities were also waiting for a genomic test to see if they had a delta or kappa strain of the virus.

Their close contact was self-isolating and some had already returned negative tests.

Awaiting coronavirus testing in Queensland

Meanwhile, a couple driving to Queensland are under investigation and it is unknown how they caught the virus.

The woman left Melbourne with her husband on June 1, when the city was blocked, and tested positive at the end of a road trip from NSW to Queensland.

Her husband appears to be infected late, but is still positive.

For this reason, Queensland Chief Health Officer Janet Young is optimistic that community infections may be avoided.

“That means there’s less risk of getting someone else,” she said Thursday.

It is unknown whether they were infected in New South Wales or Queensland. Queensland Health has identified 17 close contacts with the couple, but so far only three of them have resulted.

They were negative, including the parents of an infected woman whose couple stayed in Caloundra on the Sunshine Coast.

A total of about 400 people in Queensland have been quarantined and are being inspected as a result of the couple’s arrival on Saturday.

They are known to have visited Goondy Windy, Toowoomba, Southern Sunshine Coast site.

According to Queensland health officials, the couple did not apply for a travel exemption to enter the state.

There are 78 active cases across the state, down 5 from Wednesday.

Victoria remains on the edge, but Melbourne breaks out of the coronavirus blockade

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