Vic was accused of “whistling” over support

The federal government has accused Victoria of politicizing the coronavirus pandemic as “whistling” after the Prime Minister raised questions about the response to the New South Wales crisis.

New South Wales is in the midst of an outbreak in Greater Sydney and its surrounding areas, which has already killed two people and infected nearly 680 people.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced that he has renewed federal support for states that endure long-term blockades in the wake of Sydney’s crisis, saying that being more generous is in the national interest.

New South Wales deserves as much support as possible, but a spokesman for the Prime Minister’s Office said in a statement, “I’m naturally fed up with Victorians needing to ask for all the scraps of federal support. I’m doing it. “

“When we fought Delta stocks earlier this year, we had to be ashamed that the federal government would do their job and provide income support to Victorian workers.”

A statement released Tuesday said Morrison’s job was “not to be the prime minister of New South Wales,” and continued to blame the federal government on a double standard.

Treasury Secretary Josh Frydenberg turned on Prime Minister Daniel Andrews and told ABC’s 730 program that “people are fed up with his anger and crisis politics.”

“The reality is this. Through JobKeeper, we have provided Victoria with more per capita support than any other state,” he said.

Under the support package, New South Wales companies will get a $ 500 million increase in cash flow from next week to the week.

The federal government will share the burden of cash flow support with the NSW State Government on a 50/50 basis.

“Victoria was offered a 50-50 split, but they decided to reject it,” Frydenberg said.

After the blockade of Sydney, the support package will be discontinued, but a national framework will be set up that will apply to other states and territories in the future.

Meanwhile, another gas station and fast-food restaurant have been added to the list of ever-increasing coronavirus exposure sites in Victoria.

Caltex Skull Caro and Hungry Jack Skull Caro on the Hume Highway were added as Tier 1 exposure sites overnight.

Anyone who visits the venue, including petrol pumps and toilets, between 9:07 am and 10:06 am on Thursday should be immediately tested and quarantined for 14 days.

It is not yet known if the location is linked to a Victorian man who returned home from New South Wales on Thursday, or to three movers who traveled from Sydney to SA through Victoria last week.

Three Victorian families living in Hume’s municipality tested positive for COVID-19.

The family had a Red Zone permit to return to Victoria. In other words, I had to quarantine myself at home after arriving.

However, a family visited the Coles Supermarket in Craigieburn and the Metro Gas Station in BroadMedose. The latter is currently a Tier 1 exposure site.

Eliminationists stopped at Craigieburn’s family home on Thursday to pick them up at Ariel’s apartment in Maribianong.

Both households (five- and four-person families) that have come into contact with the ablationist have been quarantined and have been tested negative so far.

Up to 200 people in a dwelling also need to be quarantined for 14 days.

The deportees then visited McDonald’s and Mobile on Balun’s Western Freeway and took a shower at a gas station. Both sites are listed as Tier 1 exposed sites from 5 pm to 7 pm Thursday.

Men are believed to have slept on their trucks before driving to Adelaide on Friday morning.

Vic was accused of “whistling” over support

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