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Arthur Papas has another comeback to take away draws before playing Wellington on Friday night after Valentino Yuel gave Newcastle a 2-2 result with Sydney FC on Saturday night. Focused on the positives of. Yuel starred in Brace, lifting Newcastle from a 2-0 half-time deficit in a pulsating clash at Netstrata Jubilee Stadium. In the draw, he won both sides after three rounds, leaving two points. Inform Yuel, who scored with a Round One defeat to the Central Coast and set up Olivier Bumal in a 2-2 draw with the Wanderers last week, gave visitors hope in the 58th minute. Daniel Penha put Yuel in space with a through ball and finished with his left foot. He was ruled offside, but the decision was revoked in a review. Then, after evading the Socceroo Rhyan Grant in the 65th minute, he fired a lightning strike on the roof of the net from a tight angle, hitting the Jets level. Sydney appeared to have regained the lead in the 77th minute when Adam Le Fondre scored after the previous shot was blocked by Jordan Elsey. However, due to the offside of the review, the goal was controversially excluded. The host took the lead in the 9th minute after Le Fondre took a penalty and put it in the slot. This was given after diving Jack Duncan grabbed his foot when he rolled the keeper. Later, Le Fondre found the unmarked Elvis Kamsoba. Elvis Kamsova tapped in in 30 minutes. The Jets attack was impressive, but again questioned their defenses in trying to implement Papas’s possession-based style. However, the coach was proud of the players’ performance, beliefs and intentions. He said their unity, spirit and beliefs made him optimistic about the future. “It’s easy to always focus negatively by scoring two goals, but we’ve also scored two goals in the last two games. We’ll be away from home and play against quality opponents. I believe, “Papas said. .. “My message to the players has been consistent from day one. We want to change the identity of this team, this club. To do that, we are brave, more proactive and more active in how we play. I want to have a spirit. Regardless of the score, we always strive to be on the forefoot, which carries certain risks. I think we were better able to defend both situations. But that’s for sure. But if you’re playing Sydney FC and you’re 2-0, I don’t think there are many games that everyone has returned to the game in the last few years. After leaving the bench in Round 1, The campaign is already lively, but the 27-year-old 27-year-old got off to a similar start last season and couldn’t add to the tally after scoring four goals in the opening seven rounds. Papas talks about his challenge to Yuel. “I knew Val before I came to Newcastle, I knew what his abilities were, and I don’t think he had reached near his ceiling,” Papas said. It’s a very good full back and it’s really difficult for him. It’s all about getting results. In halftime he had a very good chance in the first half so we talked about it. “It’s not just having all these things with no tricks or consequences, but also achieving and setting goals.” I’m very happy with him, but he gives him a lot. I think it’s bringing improvement, and he knows it, as well as he’s working hard and that’s important. “Val is diligent, he is open to it, he gets paid, and the challenge is to do it again next week.” But the biggest issue is Sydney’s unauthorized winner, Sydney’s. It ended a frustrating night for Steve Corica. “The third goal looked like a goal to me because I wasn’t one of the players. [Le Fondre] You can’t be offside, “he said. It’s a shame because I think the referee made some mistakes in the decision. “Their second goal was rolling 10 meters before where it should be. Then he pulled up one of us to move the ball.” Papas said about the controversial non-goal. Asked, “You are at the end of some of them, not at the other time.” At the FFA Cup, as a result of reflection, there was a similar decision that was clearly the wrong decision, but I haven’t reviewed it. “If Steve has the opportunity to review it, obviously I can understand Steve’s points and frustration.” Duncan from Milosh Ninkovich (46 minutes) and Patrick Wood (85 minutes). Bounced off his early mistakes to block big chances. Papas made one change to the starting lineup from a draw with the Wanderers, bringing Jordan Odhati to Costa Grozos. “In the half-time, I think the first half was pretty equal, whether or not it was worth a 2-0 drop,” Papas said. “I was punished because I knew that the counterattack was very fast if I flipped the ball in a particular area.” After that, I think the reaction in the second half is great. “The spirit and belief of continuing to play and not changing the way we play is 2-0 down, and suddenly we want to keep up with three-quarters. Instead, with that belief. Please. You can go back to the game. “News: Our journalists are working hard to bring the latest news in the area to the community. To continue to access trusted content:


Valentino Yuel starring when Jets draws 2-2 with Sydney | Newcastle Herald

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